Paris Hilton Is Coming To Oxygen TV

Paris Hilton is returning to the small screen with a new (and presently unnamed) series on Oxygen.

During a recent press release, Oxygen revealed that the main focus of the upcoming television series will be to show fans who the real Paris is as she enters a new chapter in her life, beyond all the publicity and tabloids.

Kathy Hilton, Paris’s mom, will be starring on the show alongside two of Paris’s close friends; socialite Allison Melnick and Brooke Mueller[ex-wife to the Charlie Sheen].

As for current boyfriend Cy Waits, “It’s not known right now,” a source close to Paris says [in reference to if he will appear on the show].

Seems to me like a creative combination of two shows Paris previously starred on. My BFF’s in My Simple Life? Whatever the case, society cannot seem to get enough of celebrity reality at the moment. Will you be watching?


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  1. No I will not be watching. I have to admit something though, I am curious about the Paris & Brooke connection. Considering the age difference among other things it seems like a odd pairing.

  2. Forgot, how is a tv show starting a new chapter away from publicity and tabloids. Doesn’t that create publicity and tabloid drama? Move to Iowa Paris and you will truly be starting a new chapter.