NBC’s ‘The Event’ Adds Character Twitters And Viral Website

If you’re a fan of NBC’s new hit series, The Event, then you’ll be excited about all the online ‘events’ the series is generating, some of which that allow us to further peel away the secrecy. First of all, many of the big characters have their own Twitter accounts. Also, a blog has been created for someone who is seeking the truth.

Everyone’s big question is “What is The Event?”, which the NBC commercials have been very clever in promoting. Well, you can follow the characters themselves on Twitter to help try to figure out what what’s going on. You can follow NBC’s list of the characters, or follow them each yourself Sean Walker, President Martinez, Leila Buchanan, Vicky Roberts, Greg Kervin, JB & Marla Olsen are the available ones thus far.

A new website has also premiered, called the TruthSeeker Blog. Many speculate that the 5314 in the URL holds some deeper meaning and will hold great importance later on. There is only one post from the truth seeker so far.

You can also follow Mr. TruthSeeker5314 on Twitter. In addition to all of this, NBC also has another website for The Event called The Event Is Coming, which debuted at Comic-Con. Here, you can stay up-to-date on the show, and there’s even a Creators Blog from show-runner Nick Wauters. With all the online hype, one thing is for sure – something is coming.

For links check out http://www.nbc.com/the-event/.


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