Lindsay Lohan Spends Time With Dad While In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan met up with her dad, Michael Lohan, this weekend at the Betty Ford rehabilitation center where Lindsay is currently being treated. Seven months have passed since the two last saw each other.

“Lindsay met Michael at Betty Ford and the pair spent hours together… it was not a fleeting encounter, this appeared well-planned in advance.” a source revealed, “They also went shopping at a local Palm Desert mall, where they were seen walking around together and at one point, were in a jewelery store.”

Rumor has it that Michael wants to get it right this time and that he is incredibly proud of his daughter for her progress. Lindsay will be in rehab until January 3rd, 2011 by court order after testing positive for a drug test back in September.

I’d love to see the Lohan family get their act together. But is it really possible? Does Michael Lohan really want to make things better with his daughter or is he just looking for more press?


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  1. I am thinking this is a publicity stunt due to their past behavior. He always spends time with her, and then tomorrow night we will see him doing an interview about how she is doing, so annoying and really really sad 🙁

  2. Yeah that’s what I expect to. I really feel like her parents should step up and actually help her through this time. Growing up with fame hungry parents has clearly had an effect on the Lohan kids. It’d be nice to see the parents get their priorities straight.

  3. Her mom was on the today show this morning, again. I refused to watch it though, I hate sitting there listening to her give excuse after excuse, gets beyond old. I hate it when people make mistakes and refuse to own up to them. I would respect Lindsay more if she said she had a problem, not just hinted toward it and dealt with it in a private manner.

  4. Yeah I completely agree. It’ll be interesting to see what happens post Jan 3rd… if she’s actually making progress or if this has just been 1 round of many more to come.

  5. I watched. Dina basically said that she knew what LiLo was doing was wrong, but she needed to realize it herself. Wow! Thats what I understood anyways.

  6. One day when Milo, Lilo and Mama Lohan have finally retired from public life Milo will reach into his box of tranquilizers and begin to offer one to his daughter Lilo who will suddenly respond:

    “Daddy I thought you and I we’re over being freaks a long time ago?” To which Milo will look solemnly Lilo in the eyes and weep- “Oh Lilo I’m so glad that you became my real drug vice of choice…”

    To which Mama Lohan will also sigh looking at the wonderful wizard of Oz before looking for her own very special tranquilizer….