Prince William and Kate Middleton Set Wedding Date

Prince William has chosen the date that he will take Kate Middleton as his wife: April 29th, 2011!

The wedding will go down at the Westminster Abbey [a location princess-to-be Kate was spotted touring in the wee hours just last week]. Princess Dianna fans remember that this is the site where her funeral took place.

And that’s where the similarities between his wedding and his parents’ ill-fated wedding will end. No St. Paul’s Cathedral [which is where then-Princess Di and Prince Charles got hitched—in front of the world—back in 1981] for these two.

British press beat everyone to the punch when they guessed the wedding to happen somewhere around this April 29th date, factoring in that William had requested time off from his military duties. But besides that small factor, doesn’t the date hold any more meaning? Of course! It’s also the feast day of St. Catherine of Siena, with whom Catherine “Kate” Middleton shares a name [though the duo is claiming that had nothing to do with the date].

The wedding day will be a public holiday in the U.K.’s traditions. For the rest of us, we’ll just have to catch a quick case of the flu that day; as it can very well be assumed that this will be a wedding broadcast for the world to see!