First Photos Of Jake Gyllenhaal And Taylor Swift’s Romantic Stroll


The new Us Weekly (now on newsstands) has the first photos of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s romantic Thanksgiving Day weekend.

Arm in arm, the two looked more smitten than ever as they took an afternoon stroll in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, where the actor’s sister, Maggie, lives.

Dating for just five weeks, the romance is heating up, several insiders tell Us Weekly. “She loves his family and he loves hers,” says a Swift source. Adds another pal, “It’s definitely serious.”

For more check out the source link below!

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  1. LOL so true Amanda! I was listening to her new CD the other day and trying to figure out what song went along with which guy hehe. I never would have pictured them together, but they do make a sweet couple.

  2. haha good one Amanda. 🙂 Yeah that’s a fun game to play… match the song to the boy. They say artists make better music when they’re upset and sad, and the music suffers when the artist is happy. I think Taylor will be a good test subject for that theory. I admire her though for being so honest with her emotions through her music. I could never do that. Just seems like it would be too personal.

  3. That reminds me of a quote by Harry Nilsson where he said something along the lines of “To write a great song you either have to be in love or totally heartbroken. There is no in between.”