Conan Supports This Season’s Latest Fashion Trend: Jeggings

You can’t help but love Conan O’Brien. On Thursday night’s Conan, our favorite television host decided to support this season’s latest fashion trend, the jegging. While it’s not Conan’s best look, the episode and the photo will have people smiling everywhere.

Tim Gunn even acknowledge the bravery of Conan’s fashion statement by updating his facebook to say, “I am back in New York City and had to take a moment to acknowledge the courage and bravery of one Conan O’Brien. As discussed during my interview on Wednesday evening, he took to the stage last night on his show wearing none other than jeggings! I was absolutely dumbfounded but I do indeed congratulate him on being the first male talk show host to do it! You made it work Conan!”

What do you think about Conan’s man-jeggings? Sound off below in our comments about Conan’s fashion statement!