‘Twilight’ Star Michael Welch: I Love The Twilight Moms

Michael Welch spoke out recently about the cougars that adore Twilight, and more importantly, his love for the group Twilight Moms!

“I have been a victim to a little bit of fondling by some Twilight cougars,” Michael Welch said when asked what his craziest Twi-hard fan encounter was.

“You may be familiar with a group named the Twilight Moms,” Welch says. “I love the Twilight Moms. They’ve been great, but I’ll be honest with you, I have been attacked by a cougar on one or two occasions. They seem to be more forward than most.

“They just go right for the touching and the pinching of the butt and all that stuff and it’s just uncomfortable for anyone.”

Well, being the All-American football stud you are Mike [on Twilight that is], can you blame them? Congrats to the Twilight Moms on the shout-out!


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