Kelly Osbourne Gives Love A Bad Name

Throughout the years, we’ve all seen the majorly positive transformation Kelly Osbourne has made. From teenage angst to grown woman status, this Osbourne has taken us for a ride…but this past week, fans saw some of that old Kelly we all know and love return; for at least a couple tweets…

Kelly went on a Twitter rampage this past Monday against former fiancé Luke Worrall, whom she broke up with last summer amid allegations he was unfaithful, accusing him of sleeping with hundreds of girls.

“Don’t think I have ever felt so stupid he made a fool of me going to be off Twitter for a while never felt heart brake [sic] like this in my life,” tweeted Osbourne.

From the first tweet, fans got the message; but that didn’t stop Kelly from tweeting her full thoughts…”I am and always will be 2 good 4 @luke_worrall darling ur pretty face will only get you so far because u don’t have the brains to back it up,” she wrote.

“He is the worst thing that ever happened to me I don’t give a f–k what happens to him anymore. He used me for my money and a free ride he is lucky I am not spilling the hole truth about what he did!

Too bad she didn’t, and fans were hoping [considering how we all know these Twitter rants can be more revealing than worrisome to us fans], that she would. However, Kelly summed it up by thanking God for her family.

And of course, we all skimmed over to the other half’s Twitter page [not that we’re interested]…just to see what the “cheating loser” [as one fan called him] had to say. The results? Not much, just a non-bothered tweet of: “Lies on twitter awesome. I’m not going to spill personal business over Twitter I’m not that low!”

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