Jake Gyllenhaal Dumped Taylor Swift With No Warning


Taylor Swift didn’t see it coming according to the latest issue of Us Weekly. When Jake Gyllenhaal dumped Taylor Swift over the phone just before New Year’s, Swift was completely caught off-guard.

“It was a 180-degree turn and so out of the blue,” a source tells Us of 30-year-old Gyllenhaal’s decision.

Explains another insider, “Jake just told her it wasn’t working out…Taylor is really upset and hurt. She doesn’t know what she did for him to put a stop to it. She feels really burned by him.”

Indeed, it was an about-face for the Love and Other Drugs actor, who was first to pursue Swift, asking his handlers in October to set them up; their first weekend together, he took her on an apple picking date in upstate New York and to a Saturday Night Live taping in NYC.

“Jake started this whole thing, but then he just stopped responding to her,” another source says.

For more information on the Us Weekly article, check it out online.

We feel horrible for Taylor and hope that she can find a guy who will truly treasure her! Until that guy arrives though, we can’t help but speculate what actually went wrong in Jake and Taylor’s relationship. Perhaps we’ll find out when her next album drops…

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  1. This whole Taylor Swift thing is kind of becoming strange. It almost seems like it’s becoming a badge of honor to (presumably) hook up with Taylor Swift and then break it off with guys in the entertainment world. Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and now Jake Gyllenhaal. It’s almost like they have their own little exclusive club. Or maybe they just want to have their own song. I don’t know, something just seems amiss with all these guys doing this. I guess it is possible it is her; to me she seems a little naive and seems to get emotionally attached to guys real quick. Maybe that drives them away. It would really be interesting to find out what is really going on with these relationships.

  2. Young love is naive though. 🙂 We’ve all been there and done that! 🙂 But you’re right, it is being coming kinda strange. It seems like a good way to become relevant with a younger crowd – date Taylor and have a song be released about you. I’d hate to think that’s their motivation though – because if it is I’d want to punch them. Taylor seems like such a sweet girl untouched by the hand of Hollywood *coughs* Lea Michele *coughs* I just want to see her happy for a change!

  3. I guess I’m just too cynical about Hollywood (everything is a lie haha) cause I honestly don’t even believe these two were in a relationship to begin with. It sounds more like something their managers put together. They both had projects to promote at the time and conveniently their relationship ended after Jake’s movie bombed… Taylor at least will get a song out of it. Just my opinion though, lol. 🙂

  4. Like a Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey kinda arrangement? That wouldn’t surprise me at all. The joke could be on all of us. haha 🙂 I would rather that be the case then know that girl is getting her heart broke every other month. lol

  5. Think about all the dirt that has come out about those famous in the 40s/50s/60s etc… All kinds of info about how they were battling addictions and secretly gay or secretly married with kids… It’s like Hollywood has their own mafia to cover up things they deem scandalous, especially to the American audiences. Nothing has changed, except we have become even more obsessed with celebrity culture. I think a lot of celebrity relationships are just to promote their current projects. Think of how much more press a movie gets when everyone thinks the lead actor and actress fell in love on set. (Twilight anyone?) Needless to say I think when we’re all old men and women, we’ll have a ton of tell-all books about the stars of our generation to keep us busy, haha.

  6. You’re completely right – I do believe a lot of relationships are for publicity only. Not sure if Pattinson and Stewart fall into that since Stewart is the most anti-Hollywood person I’ve ever seen. But I wouldn’t be surprised. You’re right though, it creates so much more hype. I automatically think of Simpson and Lacey though because of the pre-nup – it was like if he stayed married to her for 3 years then he got X amount but there was all these other elements that had to be agreed to as well. If you read it sounded like pure publicity – it’s really sad. And for that reason, I think finding love in Hollywood is near impossible. It’s sad.