Songster Beta: A Promising Upcoming Facebook App

Songster Beta

Songster is a promising new game app on Facebook that is currently in its beta stage. In the game, you can purchase songs by using “game money,” then mix them to your liking and create a short song. You have different types of songs to pick from where you can take a music loop and place it into your mix. There are multiple loops for vocals, guitar, bass and drums for you to choose from and place in slots that are available on the mix table. One of the detractors that I found in the beta stage of this app was that upon creating a song you weren’t given much space in order to create a longer song. Most songs you created would last only about thirty seconds or so.. However, that is something they are working to improve and thankfully your songs will be much longer than that. This adjustment will help give your musical creations a more complete feel.

Another aspect that I didn’t care for at first about this app was that you can’t mix and match different songs together. However, my research revealed that when the public beta opens up in March you will be able to mix multiple songs together. If we didn’t have that option this game would have gotten really old, really fast and certainly would have lost its appeal. But knowing that we will be able to purchase these songs and mix the loops the way we want to with a selection of every song could make for a very addictive app.

You will earn “game money” in Songster by performing at one of many virtual venues. Of course only the first venue is available until you unlock bigger venues where you can gain more fans and earn more money. Each time you perform at a venue you will gain fans and earn money which varies based on the venue. But of course, the bigger the venue the better the prize. As you perform each show you will use up a certain amount of energy. To refill that energy you either wait for the time limit to end or you purchase more energy with Facebook coins. So, as you can see there is also a little more to the game than just creating a song.

I can really see this catching on and I can’t wait for it to add the ability to mix multiple songs together. Without this feature currently it is not as impressive as it could be. However, knowing that we can look forward to this improvement makes me much more excited to see the end product. I’m sure a number of people will try this game out since it is music related and offers the opportunity to create your own tunes. Since this is the beta version, we certainly haven’t seen its full potential. It appears that there are still options that are not available for me to experience and review for you at the moment, but I look forward to analyzing the new features in the near future. This current game leaves room for improvement, but upon doing so I predict that it will make for a mighty fun Facebook app. Furthermore, the ability to share songs with friends will definitely be a great hit!

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  1. Being able to mix the songs yourself could prove to be very entertaining. This app could really catch on and be a lot of fun. The review was very informative.