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Home Entertainment The Daily Verse: Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, ‘Arcade Next’ Featuring Minecraft And More
The Daily Verse: Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, ‘Arcade Next’ Featuring Minecraft And More

The Daily Verse: Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, ‘Arcade Next’ Featuring Minecraft And More


The Daily Verse: Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, “Arcade Next” Featuring Minecraft and Fable Heroes

Today on The Daily Verse we have two new videos for Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Square Enix announces Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Microsoft announces Arcade Next which features 4 upcoming arcade games including Minecraft and Fable Heroes. BioWare responds to the Mass Effect ending controversy. Finally, we end it with the future of Xbox rumors.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier
Video Walkthrough and Co-Op Trailer

A new Ghost Recon Future Soldier video walkthrough of the Valiant Hammer mission from the campaign, played in four person co-op. Adrian Lacy, IP Director at Ubisoft, provides commentary describing the Ghosts’ method of attack.

A new trailer entitled “Mega 64 Goes Hands-On with GRFS Co-Op.”

Square Enix Merges Music and Role Playing Genres With Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
First-Ever Music-Themed Title Commemorates FINAL FANTASY Franchise’s 25th Anniversary

Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX interactive entertainment products in the Americas, announced THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY (pronounced “theater rhythm”) exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system. This year marks the 25th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY, and THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY is the first music rhythm game in the history of the world famous franchise.
Developed by rhythm game veteran indieszero, SQUARE ENIX brings more than 70 musical scores spanning 25 years to THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY. The title features music from key events, lush field themes and decisive battle arrangements.
THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY features a hybrid of music rhythm gameplay with RPG elements. Adorably re-designed heroes from the catalogue of FINAL FANTASY titles will set out on an adventure to combat memorable villains with the rhythmic taps of the player’s stylus. Players can:
• Revisit their most cherished memories from each FINAL FANTASY title
• Strive to achieve the highest ranks in the challenge mode
• Collect and share “dark notes,” a random music sheet that is riddled with hidden loot within the Chaos Shrine
• Seek out crystal shards to unlock hidden characters
Product Summary
Platform: Nintendo 3DS handheld system
Genre: Music Rhythm Game
Release Date: Summer 2012

BioWare Finally Responds to Mass Effect 3 Ending Controversy

As co-founder and GM of BioWare, I’m very proud of the ME3 team; I personally believe Mass Effect 3 is the best work we’ve yet created. So, it’s incredibly painful to receive feedback from our core fans that the game’s endings were not up to their expectations. Our first instinct is to defend our work and point to the high ratings offered by critics – but out of respect to our fans, we need to accept the criticism and feedback with humility.

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Microsoft Studios Announces “Arcade NEXT” for Xbox LIVE Arcade

Spring’s most anticipated Xbox LIVE Arcade games are headed to your living room with “Arcade NEXT” from Microsoft Studios and Xbox LIVE. Beginning April 18th, a new downloadable title will launch on Xbox LIVE Arcade from Microsoft Studios every Wednesday, through to May 9th. Also, starting in April, all new Xbox LIVE Arcade games will include up to 400 Gamerscore, with up to 30 Achievements available to unlock.

TRIALS EVOLUTION (Publisher: Microsoft Studios; Developer: Ubisoft/RedLynx)
April 18th | 1200 Microsoft Points

“Trials Evolution” is on every front, the next dimension of the smash-hit, award-winning “Trials HD.” Bust out of the warehouse into an outdoor world of night and day, curved driving lines, and spectacular scenery. Multiplayer comes alive in your living room or on Xbox LIVE. Build your own tracks with the in-game editor or download those of any other player from the new Track Central. Customise your bike and rider with awesome gear and unique parts, enjoy innovative skill games, try ghost racing, beat your friends’ scores and more! Don’t miss the madness!

BLOODFORGE (Publisher: Microsoft Studios; Developer: Climax)
April 25th | 1200 Microsoft Points

With a brutal combat system, stunning art style, and a deeply compelling story, “Bloodforge” empowers you to slaughter hordes of demonic soldiers, deformed worshippers, and the gods themselves, using ferocious Rage Kills, devastating Rune attacks, and furious Weapon Combos. Help seal Crom’s fate – and the fate of the rest of the world – in this dark, visceral story of revenge, betrayal, and destiny.

FABLE HEROES (Publisher: Microsoft Studios; Developer: Lionhead Studios)
May 2nd | 800 Microsoft Points

“Fable Heroes” is an action-packed, hack-and-slash adventure built for Xbox LIVE Arcade. It delivers a fresh spin on the “Fable” franchise with a unique art style and gameplay that takes playful competition to the next level. Whether on the couch or using Xbox LIVE, up to four players work together to defeat enemies while also competing with one another to collect gold coins and level up. Precious gold collected in Fable Heroes can be imported into the forthcoming Kinect title, Fable: The Journey, providing players with a valuable head start from day one.

MINECRAFT: XBOX 360 EDITION (Publisher: Microsoft Studios; Developer: 4J Studios/Mojang)
May 9th | 1600 Microsoft Points

The infinite possibilities in “Minecraft” just got bigger. “Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition” brings the global phenomenon to console gamers for the first time. The Xbox LIVE Arcade version of the game features an innovative new crafting interface, natural controller movements, a full Tutorial mode to teach the basics and for the first time in “Minecraft,” split-screen multiplayer as well as over Xbox LIVE.

Reliable Future of Xbox Rumors

My understanding is that we’ll see a Xbox device in late 2013 which does Arcade-style games & all the current & future media apps with Kinect (with near-mode). It will be an ARM-based platform price-competitive with the Apple TV (if you own a Kinect already).

At some point after that, we’ll see a Xbox Next, a true successor to the 360. Details about it are very hazy, except that, like the 360, it will do games for core-audiences & the same media apps as the other device, also with Kinect.

Somewhat later, Kinect itself will likely receive a camera update for the video camera first. Around 2015-ish I expect a generational update, to add a better depth camera, processor & inter-connect.

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That’s all for today on The Daily Verse! Stop by every day for your gaming fix. Also, follow us on Twitter, and make sure to drop us a line down in the comments! We’re always keeping our eyes peeled to bring you all the best news in the ‘verse!

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