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The Weekend Capture: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Weekend Capture: The Amazing Spider-Man


The Weekend Capture

Welcome to the first edition of The Weekend Capture! This will be a weekly series that we will post each weekend displaying video game capture footage from the games that we are currently reviewing over that particular weekend. However, this will not always be the case with some of our reviews. There will be some games that we will be unable to capture footage for and others that we may not have permission to record. What I do know is that you will get a taste of something that we are working on each weekend. I hope you enjoy this segment and what we have to offer each and every weekend!

We will always keep The Weekend Capture spoiler free. There will absolutely NEVER be any major details to the story of the game within these segments. Just fun and enjoyable gameplay footage.

The Weekend Capture: The Amazing Spider-Man

This weekend I am currently in the review process of The Amazing Spider-Man on the PlayStation 3. The review should be available late this week, so do keep an eye out for it! Below I have simple gameplay footage of what it’s like to explore the city as Spider-Man. I also respond to a distress call and save a civilian from danger!

A little extra – NCAA Football 13

I also took one final glance at the NCAA Football 13 demo as we are looking forward to its release this Tuesday! (July 10th) It’s a good thing I got some time in on the demo because my skills seem to be a little bit rusty. Below I have footage from my time in Heisman Challenge mode.

Until next weekend, let’s have a good week!

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