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Home Entertainment Fractured Soul Review: One Of The More Challenging Games On The eShop
Fractured Soul Review: One Of The More Challenging Games On The eShop

Fractured Soul Review: One Of The More Challenging Games On The eShop


Fractured Soul Review: One Of The More Challenging Games On The eShop

Fractured Soul
Nintendo 3DS eShop

Fractured Soul is a unique title available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop, an Action/platform title that forces the player to switch between both screens in order to get through and beat a level. Fractured Soul has some of the more challenging levels that I have faced in a while. It’s not only about having to switch between screens at certain points in a level, it’s about switching at the right time in order to avoid an enemy bullet, a force field or other objects. Also, there are moments when you will need to jump to a platform that’s on the other screen. It sounds fairly complicated and it can end up being quite a difficult challenge. That is especially true the further you get. In fact, there are levels that will frustrate you enough to cause you to want to throw your 3DS across the room. However, it’s a challenge worth playing and I found it to be a lot of fun. Here is a video showcasing some of the gameplay aspects in the game.

Fractured Soul 3DS Trailer

Fractured Soul features a lot of wonderful elements that help increase the challenge, change the experience and make it a much better game the further along you get. There is a level that you can only be on the top screen for so long until you die. There is a meter that fills up and once it does, you start losing life, so you are forced to switch back to the bottom screen before that meter fills. It doesn’t sound that hard, but there are other elements in play that will force you into switching. It is evident that a lot of thought is put into each level, especially because it can become so frustratingly difficult in some areas. There are other levels where the top screen character will be in water or on ice and the lower screen character will not. When you jump into water it will carry you a lot further, and one of the things you can do in the game is double jump. So you can imagine how jumping on the lower screen and then switching to the top screen to use your second jump in the water can carry you a lot further. You’ll also be dealing with elements such as wind which really makes things interesting and challenging in new ways in those specific levels as well.

One of my favorite things about this game is that it’s not only about the platforming that goes on in the gameplay, but also that it has shooter levels as well. I love shoot-em ups and even though this isn’t your typical shooter, it’s still a lot of fun. Once again in these segments you’ll be switching between the two screens as you avoid bullets or to hit enemy targets. One of the goals with these levels are to kill as many of the enemy ships as possible and to get them all, you will need to switch between screens. Of course with most levels in this game, the main goal is to complete the level as fast as you can. You’ll be able to compete against friends and overall rankings with the online leaderboards by putting up your fastest times for each level. Something that helps make this an enjoyable and replayable game.

There are levels that each of us will absolutely hate, but when you complete them, you will feel like you’ve really accomplished something. These levels are challenging, but a lot of fun at the same time. You’ll have your favorite challenges as well and then do what you can to rank high on the leaderboards. As you make your way through the game you will also unlock bonus levels that provide for more challenge. For those who enjoy platformers and love a good challenge, you will certainly be challenged with this title. It features great gameplay, fun levels, and enjoyable elements to make the game even more interesting. The replay factor is even better with this game. You may want to take a break after beating a specific level, but going back to it again later on will still be a lot of fun and you will get to see where you rank on your second time through. This game looks great, plays great and is a must own title for everyone.

Score: 9/10

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