The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Bugs And Glitches Experienced

Anyone that has ever played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, knows to expect bugs from time to time. Sometimes they are funny like the backwards flying dragons to the more annoying game breaking bugs that were once found within the Playstation 3 version. I decided to try something fun and recount all the different bugs I have encountered during my current playthroughs. Since starting the game on Christmas of last year, I have logged around 175 hours in this huge open world game. Although the backwards flying dragon bug has since been fixed, I have encountered many different bugs along the ways.

The hole in the world
Since downloading the Hearthfire expansion, I have encountered two different locations and game files where portions of the ground just didn’t exist. The ground wasn’t just invisible; you could literally jump into the void. One location was a perfect rectangle that looked like someone just cut it out. Luckily the game respawns you back into the world near where you were if you do decide to investigate the underworld. I worked on my cannonball technique before the ground reappeared.

The pacifist glitch
This is one of the more annoying bug and glitches I have come across so far in the game. At random times during my playthrough, my character would literally stop doing attacks. Both of the attack buttons would seem to not do anything. When you are in a battle with a dragon, this is one bug you really do not want to occur.

It’s raining dragons!
I have no idea what caused this bug, but three separate times, I have encountered a dead dragon that just randomly falls out of the sky near where you might be standing. This certainly takes “easy kill” to the next level. Whatever caused this bug or glitch, I surely thank it for its free dragon soul. These occurrences are certainly the most unexpected and always interesting to watch happen.

The creeping haunted cart
Let me paint you a picture. You are on top of a mountain that is quite high in the sky. In front of you is an Ancient dragon, the most powerful dragon type at the time. But behind you is something much more sinister and evil. In the distance, if you look closely, you will see it… A random small merchant cart that just happens to be floating thousands of feet off the ground. And, the creepiest thing was that when you looked away and then looked back, it was slightly closer. Now this creeping haunted cart freaked me out more than the dragon that was doing serious damage to me.

Armor copy/paste bug
Now this is a bug I recently found in the recent Hearthfire expansion. To help my main jack-of-all-trade character stay organized, I tend to leave her different armor sets, from mage to spy, on the manikins inside my armor wing of the houses I built. This bug I have come across is very useful if you wish to make some quick coin. After placing your armor on the manikin, if you then proceed to immediately equip the armor instead of just taking it, head outside and then head back in. You will see that the armor you are now wearing is still on the manikin. This doesn’t always occur, but I have noticed this quite a lot.


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  1. If you thought the backards flying dragons was funny then you have a ridiculously stupid sense of humour.THAT was a huge game breaking bug as they also could not be killed. Also the biggest game breaking bugs that still haven’t been addressed is the duplicating Louis Letrush bug, the ashpiles not clearing up (which was said to be fixed but that was a LIE) and the respawning Dragon wall dragons that do not ever clear up. You must be a Skyrim noob.