Pokemon Dream Radar: Gotta Dream ‘Em All

Pokemon White 2 and Pokemon Black 2 are finally here for the Nintendo DS at long last. Launched aside it, is Pokemon Dream Radar on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. In short, this is a fun little augmented reality game that helps you catch Pokemon and other useful items. Once any Pokemon or dropped items are caught, you can at anytime send them directly to your Pokemon White 2 or Pokemon Black 2 profile.

When I first bought the eShop app, I was a little curious on how the process of transferring Pokemon from this eShop app to the game itself would even work. As you may have noticed, White 2 and Black 2 are both Nintendo DS games. So I was a little concerned that this might have required a second Nintendo DS or 3DS to do the transfer. Fear not, as luckily the transfer literally just saves directly to the game cart. Once the transfer is complete, on the main menu of the DS game, all that is required is to retrieve the Pokemon/items from Unova Link section. This is quite a simple process is that is easy to undertake.

The main rare Pokemon to be found in Pokemon Dream Radar are the Therian Forme versions of the trio Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus. Other then these three, many other Pokemon can be found in the app such as Porygon, Rotom and Sigilyph for example. So the Pokemon found are a mix of common and rare Pokemon. Other then Pokemon, sometimes a item will be left behind. These items range from berries to evolution items such as heart scales and fire stones. If you happen to have any Pokemon Generation IV game cart inserted into the 3DS, such as Pearl & Diamond, you can also catch five different rare Pokemon from that era and before. This includes both Dialga and Palkia.

The process of tracking down Pokemon is quite fun. How it works, is that you are handed a special device that allows you to see into dreams. What you end up seeing is augmented dream clouds around you. Firing a laser at the clouds will either product dream orbs or a hidden Pokemon. When a Pokemon battle begins, you have a limited time to completely catch that Pokemon or it will escape. To capture it, all you need to do is keep firing your lasers at it. Don’t worry, while you are in range, it locks onto the Pokemon to make it slightly easier once you hit it the first time.

The game starts you off with 10 max dream orbs and low level equipment. As you collect dream orbs, you can use it to purchase upgrades or helpful items to help keep those Pokemon in place. I do recommend you upgrade all of your items first before buying any items. The three main equipment upgrades allows for more dream clouds to be seen, more power to your lasers, and more time while trying to capture Pokemon. As you continue to play, your scientist friend will unlock extensions that allow you to find Pokemon easier and every so often the ability to go after the big three rare Pokemon in the game.

If you have a Nintendo 3DS and have or are considering buying Pokemon White 2 or Pokemon Black 2, I very much recommend downloading this fun little augmented reality app. At it’s cheap price, it is well worth the purchase for anyone interested in capturing more Pokemon. Not only can it help you catch uncommon Pokemon, but will also help capture rare Pokemon, some of which are only found in this little app. The process of searching and capturing Pokemon is both easy and is fun doing so.

Rating: 9/10


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