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Tritton Kunai Headset Review: A Sleek And Satisfying Headset To Own

Tritton Kunai Headset Review: A Sleek And Satisfying Headset To Own


Tritton Kunai Headset Review: A Sleek And Satisfying Headset To Own

Tritton Kunai
Mad Catz
Designed for the PlayStation 3 & Vita
Price: $59.99

The Kunai headset interested me right from the beginning and a lot of that interest came from the detachable microphone and audio cords. Right when I pulled the Kunai out of the box, I was greeted with a sleek headset that’s ready to be plugged into the Vita – the microphone and PS3 audio cords were separate. So naturally that is where I went first with the new headset. I wanted to start by getting a good feel for the audio sound and what better Vita game to play for audio than Lumines Electronic Symphony? I would use any excuse to play Lumines. Anyway, I must say that blasting those headphones while playing through Lumines is very nice on the ears, not only for listening, but also comfort as they do fit very nicely. I tested out the sound by listening to other music as well, and they put out a nice and deep sound that is good for smooth listening. They aren’t the best for highest quality sound, but certainly a solid choice at $59.99.

Moving on to the audio cords which is what makes the Kunai such a great headset to own, I was able to hook up the audio cords and nicely set them to the side to keep them out of the way. Meanwhile the headset is still hooked up to my Vita. Why this is so great is because I have an old pair of headphones where nothing is detachable. So my headphones are literally stuck to my TV when I have them hooked up. With the Kunai, I have the cables hooked up and nicely set to the side while my headset can be stored away safely somewhere without cords following it to its location. The piece that is attached to the audio cords that allows you to control the audio, voice volume and mute button features an audio jack for you to plug the headset into. So when I am ready to game on my PS3, I simply bring out the audio cords to the length I need and then plug in the headset through the audio jack. Not only is it easy to hook up, but easy on your eyes and not a hassle to deal with once you are done gaming on your PS3.

Now, here comes the next best thing about the detachable parts featured on the Kunai. The minute you are ready to play online and speak to someone, you can grab the detachable mic and plug it in so that you may talk to people online. You don’t just plug the mic into the headset; it locks into place so that it remains sturdy, making it difficult to come off. This is great design! Once I am done playing online I can easily unhook the mic and go back to simply listening to the game without being distracted by the mic. It’s very easy to appreciate the design of the headset and it’s even easier to unhook them from everything so that you can take them on the road with you. When it is just the headset, the cord length is not very long as it’s designed for plugging into your PlayStation Vita as you hold it at a close distance. It’s a headset with a regular audio jack, so really, you can plug it into anything, but it is designed for holding a handheld close as the cord won’t go much further than that.

Let’s talk about comfort. The headset fits very nicely over your ears and is very comfortable. Though like any headset of this type, after a long night of Call of Duty, you will find your ears getting a little bit sore. And that can be a long night listening to anything, it doesn’t have to be Call of Duty, but I know how it is with that game, enticing you to play hours upon hours. They are also very adjustable for head size and shape; the ears on the headphones are also adjustable so that they can fit more properly on your ears and around your neck when you are not listening to the headset. They are lightweight, but still feel very solid. The microphone piece is also very solid and you will be able to adjust it easily. Of course, you will still want to take good care of the microphone when you do have it detached, but it’s not going to break on you easily.

As I was saying before, the sound output is solid with both audio and voice, and you’ll easily be able to adjust the sound of both audio and voice in addition to muting your voice when you are playing on your PlayStation 3. It does all the great things you would expect from a headset, but also builds on that with the ease of being able to detach it from your PS3 without having to deal with all of the cables. This is what makes it a winner, the Tritton Kunai headset is designed for gaming at home and on the road. While accomplishing that goal, they also made it much easier to deal with the cords as they hook up to your PS3. You don’t need to unhook all of those cords or hide your headset behind the TV, you actually get to detach the headset from the cords and place it in a more secure location while nicely placing the cords behind your TV.

I am very satisfied with the Tritton Kunai headset and no one will be disappointed at all with this purchase, especially if you want a headset that you can have at home and take on the road with you.

Tritton Kunai Product Specs

Cable Length: PS3 = 14ft, PS Vita = 3ft
Speaker Diameter: 40mm
Ear Coupling: Supra-aural (On-ear)
Magnet Type: Neodymium
Frequency Response: 20Hz–20kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <1% Resistance: 16 ohms PlayStation 3 Audio Input Type: RCA PS Vita Audio Input Type: 3.5mm Connector USB Powered: Yes (PS3 only)

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