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Home Entertainment Orgarhythm Review: A Unique Game That Should Be Well Received And Appreciated
Orgarhythm Review: A Unique Game That Should Be Well Received And Appreciated

Orgarhythm Review: A Unique Game That Should Be Well Received And Appreciated


Orgarhythm Review: A Unique Game That Should Be Well Received and Appreciated

Played On: PlayStation Vita
Published By: XSEED
Game Type: Rhythm/Strategy

Orgarhythm is a rhythm based strategy game where you control a god and command the three warrior groups around you into battle, all while keeping to the beat of the music. Orgarhythm is completely touch-based gameplay as you select from three different colored squads – fire, water, and earth – to engage in different type of battles. Your character will move on its own from start to finish, ending with a boss battle. There are a total of 12 levels for you to get through, each lasting no longer than 10 minutes and while it may seem easy after the first few levels, it ends up getting very difficult as you progress. Each level also has three difficulty settings for you to play, but you’ll need to unlock the hard difficulty by beating normal. You are ranked by a number of options as you play, such as tap score, tap rate, and max combo. You’ll need to do those well if you want to receive a perfect ‘S’ ranking along with a high score for the online leaderboards.

Orgarhythm is a very interesting and intriguing title. I found myself addicted to its gameplay almost immediately. Obviously with a rhythm-based game you will need to have good music to get into so that you can enjoy that type of experience. Thankfully, the music is catchy and allows you to get into the beat so that you can start tapping commands to the beat of the music. There were only a few songs I struggled with when it came to the beat, one I really didn’t like, that was toward the end. Still, the rest of the music is good, catchy and allows you to enjoy the experience of tapping out your warrior commands to the beat of the music.

This video will help you understand what I am talking about.

It’s obviously a very interesting mix for a game, but it’s absolutely fun and addictive. Six hours easily flew by while playing through the game and that even includes a few moments of frustration when I just couldn’t kill the boss. As you tap your commands on the touch screen to the beat of the music, you’ll have four basic commands, a basic ground attack, archers, catapult and sacrifices. After you choose a command, you will draw on the map where you would like your group to set up and attack. As I said, there are 3 different colored groups and this is important. You have blue, yellow and red colored groups and you will deal with enemies of those same colors. You will not want to fight color on color as your attacks will barely affect the enemy. As an example, you’ll want to send red and blue after yellow and not send yellow after yellow.

The gameplay is a ton of fun especially when you find a song you really like and a few songs stood out more than others. You’ll deal with enemies that ground attacks can’t reach, so you’ll have to set up the correct colors to use a catapult or archers on. The basic enemies are not that difficult to handle. It’s the bosses, well some anyway, that will give you a hard time. It’s odd because some bosses I could easily run over while others would destroy me time and time again – to the point that I would go back to working on high scores on the other levels. Here is another important factor though, as you play the game, you’ll level up your profile. When you reach a new level you will unlock a new skill that will help you on the battlefield. Skills such as your healing abilities will increase by 10% and your attacking ability for a specific group will increase by a percentage. So, if you are struggling in a certain area, it will help if you go back and replay the other levels, such as going back to give the normal and hard difficulties a shot to earn more points to level up you and your tribe.

Still, the gameplay uses a good deal of strategy. While it’s not completely necessary to keep a large combo going by continuously tapping to the beat, it’s still important. But it’s also important for you to have the opposite colors attack the enemies for effective hits, especially when it comes to the boss battles. I had a lot of fun with the bosses. I thought they were pretty good, a few of them at least. The ones I walked all over aren’t anything to be impressed by, but there are a few that were more difficult than others in a number of strategic ways that made the gameplay interesting and fun. You couldn’t just straight up attack the boss because additional enemies would spawn and come after you. You need to keep two groups of your warriors on the boss and one ready for the additional enemies.

The game took me around 6 hours to complete, but that’s also with multiple replays on earlier levels which I felt were necessary to unlock more skills. It might take you a lot less time than that, but even if this seems short, the game is well worth it. The levels aren’t particularly impressive nor are the basic enemies much to be worried about, but it still creates for a lot of great moments and addictive gameplay. That’s key, it’s still a lot of fun and addictive with some decent, but catchy music. There are three difficulty levels that you can attempt to get perfect rankings on – completing each difficulty level with an S ranking will give you a star above the level. Plus, when it comes to replaying levels, the AI will remember how you played it the time before, so it will be a different experience the second time around.

There is still plenty for me to unlock after my 6 hours of gameplay and I want to go back and do that. Plus, there are some more easy, but fun to accomplish trophies for me to obtain as well. Most importantly, there are online rankings to challenge the overall scores and most importantly, your friend’s scores. Also, the game has a large amount of stats to keep track of in the database menu. I love stats!

What you have is a unique game that should be well received and appreciated. If you need something for your Vita and you enjoy rhythm based games, then you should definitely give this a shot. You are in for something new and it turned out to be quite a treat for me. I think a lot of gamers will appreciate the unique direction this game takes with the combination of beat matching gameplay and the need to set up a perfect strategy to defeat the enemies and bosses while staying with the rhythm. This game deserves your attention and once you start playing it, it will keep your attention, especially if you like going for higher scores. Plus, they are looking to add a lot of downloadable content in the future, this giving the game a lot more depth. I can’t wait for it!

Score: 8.5/10

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