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Home Entertainment Sine Mora Vita Review: A Great And Beautiful Addition To The PlayStation Vita
Sine Mora Vita Review: A Great And Beautiful Addition To The PlayStation Vita

Sine Mora Vita Review: A Great And Beautiful Addition To The PlayStation Vita


Sine Mora Vita Review: A Great and Beautiful Addition to the PlayStation Vita

Sine Mora
Platform: PlayStation Vita
Genre: Shooter

Sine Mora released earlier this year on the Xbox Live Arcade and was a game I immediately fell in love with. Sine Mora has now made its way to the PlayStation Vita and has brought back all the lovely sensations I felt while playing this game on the Xbox Live Arcade. Sine Mora, or any shooter for that matter, is the type of game I would rather play on the big screen. That’s just how it is for me as it’s easier to see the enemies, your surroundings and most importantly all of the bullets. However, the PlayStation Vita’s screen size is still big enough for me to enjoy the game and it helps that Sine Mora is a side scrolling shooter instead of a top-down. So, while that is always a concern of mine when playing a shooter on a handheld, I must say that it held up fine with this game.

Sine Mora is a beautiful game with art that will easily catch your eye. It puts you into this lovely looking universe and also gives you a great ambient soundtrack to go along with your exploration. This is where the game excels, with both visuals and sound and it also helps to have great looking (and fun to fight against) boss battles that increase the enjoyment of the game. The beautiful art direction successfully impacts the enjoyment of the game with every stage of each section, whether it’s a basic pattern of enemy ships you are taking out, or if you are lining up to fight against a large boss. Each level looks brilliant and plays out very nicely, though there are a few tricky moments that might frustrate you a bit… in a good way though.

Now, for the gameplay of Sine Mora; it is set up very well with a good scoring system and special powers for each character. As you begin the arcade mode or score attack run, you will be able to select your ship, character and ability. Of course, as you progress and beat the story mode, you’ll be able to unlock further characters and items. Each character also has its own unique weapon as well, such as seeker missiles, a bomb, sonic sword, drone and more. This gives you multiple options to choose from which will enable you to find the set-up you like best. Once you do, you’ll be able to dive into a score attack mode on either hard difficulty or insane. Insane is for those who want a much more difficult challenge, but hard difficulty gives you a better shot and still a good challenge itself. The scoring system can also be a challenge. The further you can get without taking a hit will increase your multiplier. Also, as you destroy enemy ships they will drop score coins for you to collect which also increase every time you successfully grab one. However, if you let a coin slip by without grabbing it, the score amount of the coin will start over from the beginning.

Sine Mora is a wonderful addition to have on the PlayStation Vita. It’s great to play through the story mode and then work on your high scores through the online leaderboards afterwards. The gameplay is very enjoyable and the boss fights make it a hundred times better. It’s a fantastic shoot’em-up title and I’m glad to be able to play it on the Vita. Also, Sine Mora makes use of the touchscreen, so if you would rather go that route, you can change the settings to control your ship by using the touchscreen. If you like shooters or even just enjoy them every now and then, this is a game I feel a lot of people will enjoy, especially with all the unique abilities you have to set up and use during your play-through. This is also a game that has nice replay value, even if you aren’t interested in high score attacks. I feel that the missions and bosses are fun enough to be replayed multiple times. I had already played through it multiple times on the Xbox 360 and I was more than happy to play through it again on the Vita.

Score: 9/10

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