Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 Is Wonderful For Mobile Gaming

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 Is Wonderful for Mobile Gaming

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is wonderful for mobile gaming – at least I think so.  I was in love with the original Galaxy Note which was neither too big nor too small, but just right for what I wanted in a phone.   It’s in-between status of a phone and tablet was most appealing and the fact that I could still slip it into my pocket made it my favorite device yet.  Now, it is much the same with the Galaxy Note 2, although this time around it comes across as even more sleek than before.  Plus, it’s faster, smoother and just downright amazing.  Clearly I’ve become captivated by this device.

Whenever I get a new device, especially a follow-up to one I loved so dearly, one of the first things I have to do is play all of the latest games.  Plus, when it comes to some games such as Anomaly Korea, having the use of the S pen with the Galaxy Note 2 makes for an even better way to play.  Using the S pen feels better than using my finger – it feels more natural.  This is of course is coming from a hardcore controller-based gamer that still hasn’t fully accepted touch based gameplay and that’s also why I’ve been running with Power A’s Moga android controller.  I’m also a huge 3DS gamer and love using the stylus, so it makes sense that I would appreciate using the S pen for gaming.
Anomaly Korea is a perfect title for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Anomaly Korea

Anomaly Korea is a tower based strategy game that is the follow up to Anomaly Warzone Earth.  I’ve heard nothing but great things about the original, though unfortunately, I’ve never played it.  Diving into Anomaly Korea, I can see why great things were said about it.  This game offers up simplistic but challenging gameplay that is absolutely perfect for mobile devices.  This is one of those games that are perfect for touch based gameplay.  Strategy fans and most gamers should enjoy what Anomaly Korea has to offer with its ever changing missions adding new objective types to accomplish.  Additionally, the use of different vehicles, special items and strategic fighting against challenging enemies makes this a blast to play.  The game also offers up a good variety of difficulty with its three different settings.  I’m glad I came across this game and I look forward to playing Anomaly Warzone Earth after completing this one.

Anomaly Korea is just one example of a perfect game for touch based gameplay.  All strategy games are like that, including Total War Battles which was another fun one to play.  Gaming on the Galaxy Note 2 is made more enjoyable with its larger screen compared to other phones.  That’s especially so for games with on-screen virtual buttons, but not so great for a shoot-em up title like Raiden Legacy where you have a lot of screen to cover by moving your ship away from bullets.  Obviously, it’s ideal to have the bigger screen when seeing bullets flying at you.  However, I still have a difficult time dragging my finger all over the screen to avoid bullets while picking up items.  In fact, I have a new tendency to move my ship into the path of a bullet.  It really makes me miss a controller.  Games like Asphalt 7, however, are fantastic with the bigger screen.  More open room to touch the left or right side of the screen for turning and more room to place your boost and break buttons.

Raiden Legacy

Raiden Legacy is an attractive offer which includes the original Raiden, Raiden Fighters, Raiden Fighters 2, and Raiden Fighters Jet.  At only $4.99, I can’t see why any shoot-em up fan wouldn’t be tempted to purchase it.  Of course, in my opinion it’s not the same enjoyable experience that you get with a controller, but for those who have become more comfortable with touch controls, especially with shooters, you may find yourself having a great time with Raiden Legacy.  Also, as it should, it does feature online leaderboards for you to compete on.  So, even if you are like me and struggle with playing shooters on a touch based device, it can still be entertaining to see how far you can get and how big of score you can put up.  Basically, well, exactly the same reasons you play shooters to begin with except this way is more challenging.  My biggest disappointment was that the S pen didn’t work with this app and mobility and sensitivity of my ships were an issue.


Speaking of shooters, R-TYPE was a game I had an easier time with.  It could have something to do with it being a side scrolling shooter instead of a vertical shooter like Raiden.  Also, I was able to use the S pen and change the control settings to my liking.  The gameplay was easier to handle and the sensitivity was more evident than Raiden.  I think the sensitivity alone had an impact on how well I did and there were even times where I would go a little overboard with my movements and end up crashing into a wall.  Having that increased sensitivity made for a better touch based shooter experience and one that is easier to recommend.

Asphalt 7

Asphalt 7 quickly became my obsession.  I’m familiar with the series only by playing the Vita version, Asphalt Injection, so I’ve never experienced the game on mobile devices.  Well, it uses great touch based controls for guiding your vehicle by tapping the left or right side of the screen.  You also have boost and break on the bottom part of the screen which is easily accessible on both sides for near perfect control.  Having a larger screen with the Galaxy Note 2 also makes the controls a lot easier to manage when compared to a smaller screen.  I love racing games, especially those with a more arcade style and Asphalt 7 does everything in great, entertaining fashion.  I don’t know how different it is from the other games as it seems pretty similar to Asphalt Injection, however, it’s only $.99 cents and it gives you a lot of enjoyable gameplay and high speed excitement.

Another game that just came out recently and one I had to make certain to play on the Galaxy Note 2 was Modern Combat 4.  I have played the previous title on the iPod Touch and found it most enjoyable by use of the gyro controls, so I was anxious to use the gyro controls once again with Modern Combat 4 along with the larger screen.

Modern Combat 4

Modern Combat 3 was a game I enjoyed playing through on iOS and only because I was using the gyro controls to aim.  Without that, I didn’t have much fun with the game.  Much of the same can be said with Modern Combat 4.  Even though I have a larger screen to play on with the Galaxy Note 2, I still ended up using the gyro controls and that’s even after trying the game out with both the touch screen controls and Moga controller.  For me, I hate auto-aim and always turn it off; otherwise, it’s not as enjoyable.  That’s why I like the gyro controls with no auto-aim because it’s challenging, entertaining and it works decently.  When it comes to the touch and MOGA controls, I absolutely hated the sensitivity.  Even with turning the sensitivity all the way down, it was still a challenge to lock-on to enemies, but easier than having the sensitivity higher.  Either way, to enjoy those controls you will need to use the auto-aim, but at that point it becomes too easy and not much fun.  So, once again, I enjoyed the ridiculousness of this game by using gyro controls.  Modern Combat 4 is a decent game when you want a Call of Duty-like title on your phone.  I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t as impressed with it as I was with Modern Combat 3.

I now want to look into one more perfect game that is such a treat to play on the Galaxy Note 2 with the use of the stylus.  Football Manager Handheld 2013… you won’t need another game ever again.

Football Manager Handheld 2013

Football Manager is a series I’m familiar with dating back to Football Manager 2007. Actually, that was the first and only one I’ve played.  A big reason why I started and stopped with 2007 is because I enjoy playing other games and didn’t appreciate my time being stolen from that horrible time-thieving game!  Ok, maybe we should replace horrible with addictive because that’s exactly the best word to describe the Football Manager series.  As expected, it’s the same with Football Manager Handheld 2013, only this time I can waste my time in so many other locations and still tweet my accomplishments.  Again, I’m biased, but it’s so much cooler to play Football Manager on the Galaxy Note 2 with the use of a stylus.  It makes you feel more masterful and commanding while putting in transfer requests and managing your squad to perfection.  It’s simply awesome.

There are a lot of great things about the Galaxy Note 2 and using it for mobile gaming is absolutely one of them.  If you are interested in the Galaxy Note 2, then you should certainly get one as it offers everything you need and delivers it with great style.

Life with the Galaxy Note 2 is just better.  (Well, it’s better except for when your wife steals it from you on multiple occasions.)