Mamorukun Curse Review: A Candy Covered Shoot-em Up

Mamorukun Curse Review: A Candy Covered Shoot-em Up

Mamorukun Curse!
PlayStation 3
UFO Entertainment

Mamorukun Curse! is a cute little shoot-em up title available on the PlayStation Network. It comes packed with three modes, including an adventure mode, Arcade mode, and Story mode, each one with ranging difficulty levels to make sure that the most casual and hardcore players can both have a great time with this game. This “cute” style shoot-em up offers seven unique characters with each one featuring unique shots and firing options that give the player different opportunities to find the play style they like most.

Candy and speed! That’s what this game is all about. So, really, that should say enough, yes? Well, during the gameplay, players must collect as much candy as possible by shooting enemies within a circled parameter. Of course, that’s not necessary in order to beat each stage, but it does help for those who are attempting a high score. Also, if the player walks into the circled area, they’ll be able to unleash a powerful shot to destroy enemies. However, the powerful shot doesn’t allow them to collect as much candy. So it offers up different ways for players to complete each stage, depending on how they want to play the game.

There are leaderboards for high scores and time. I enjoy the scoring system that the game offers as it’s a bit of a mix between speed and using the special ability to kill enemies, unleashing more candy for a higher score. I spent a lot of time going through the very first level to get a good feel for how the scoring system works. Pure speed isn’t enough and neither is killing all enemies with the special ability to collect mass doses of candy. Players will need to find a good mix by moving through the right areas to collect mass points/candy and decide what areas can be bypassed.

Each level provides for a number of unique opportunities to score massive points with the way enemies are set up. Plus, there are different routes that can be taken by the player. However, some areas can put players in quite a difficult situation with a ton of bullets coming their way, but it wouldn’t be an awesome bullet-hell type shooter without it, would it?

The game certainly rewards those who take chances and are successful with collecting mass amounts of candy. It lets the player decide how they want to play as they can make it a challenging experience by going for a high score. They can also make it an easier experience by simply just trying to survive to beat the level. Plus, there are tricks to each area on how to best speed through them to get the fastest completion time for the leaderboards.

Mamorukun Curse! is a perfect addition to any shoot-em up fan’s library, though I must say that some of the voice clips get slightly annoying. Besides that, there are plenty of modes to play and great levels for gamers to fire their way through. It’s cute, it’s fun, and it’s full of fast paced action…unless someone wants to take their sweet time, then that option is available to them as well.

There are a ton of trophies to unlock while blasting through each mode, which adds a lot of replay value for the player. Now go get after that candy as it’s well worth the calories!

Score: 8.5/10


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