Call of Duty: Ghosts Provides Some of the Best Action Moments Yet

Call of Duty is mostly known for its addictive multiplayer gameplay. It’s certainly what keeps me busy release after release. However, one thing I’ve always enjoyed with the Call of Duty franchise is how entertaining its single player campaign can be. Call of Duty: Ghosts is no different, and I’ve actually ended up getting sucked into its single player campaign far more than any of the previous few campaigns.

Call of Duty: Ghosts begins with a really intriguing storyline where the United States is attacked by a military satellite. This opening level puts players in space, giving them a chance to battle it out on a space station. It’s pretty fun floating around in space and shooting at enemies that way, while just right out the window players can see the weaponized satellite firing down on the US. I actually stopped progressing for a moment just to watch out the window.

There are a lot of action moments that are portrayed very well in Ghosts. It makes it exciting to repel down a building to sneak up on enemies from above and silently take them out, or firing at enemies through the glass on the other side. It presents players with unique situations and makes them action-packed and full of entertainment.

How many times have there been car chases where players are firing at oncoming enemy vehicles? Many times! It happens again in Ghosts. However, it’s actually just as exciting as ever because of the small tweaks to the situation. It’s difficult to shoot the enemy cars while moving – as it should be – so players are forced to shoot at the ice, breaking it and causing the enemy vehicles to crash. Ok, so not too original either, but it’s both visually entertaining and exciting to play. That particular ice level ends in a brilliant way as well, with a sub crashing through the ice to surface. I just love that moment.

While there is still a jungle to cross that keeps things typical at times, players are met with other unique situations that makes it all exciting as a whole. It’s even great to fly a chopper around a facility, blowing up multiple ground units and shooting down air units. Also, controlling tanks while firing upon enemy units and taking down AA guns is just as thrilling. And then the time where players control the satellite weapon is very simplified, yet provides more satisfying moments for them.

Don’t let me forget about a man’s best friend because Riley is the best pup ever, especially in the first few levels when using him. That’s a great time as players are witnessing the new world that they’re in. But actually controlling the dog during some missions is quite fun as players are required to be stealth-like while sneaking around in tall grass. It’s also nice that he can silently take down enemies. The best part, though, was when Riley was sent into a home and the guards came busting out through the doors running away from him. Good times!

So, dogs are clearly great, but sharks are most definitely not. Ugh. I got eaten by a shark far too many times during the underwater level, which was still pretty entertaining outside of one frustrating shark infested moment. Underwater action while dealing with enemy patrol and depth charges is a good experience. Just remember to go slow and choose a good path when dealing with sharks.

Call of Duty: Ghosts takes players on quite the thrilling ride, from the depths of the ocean to outer space. There are many great moments full of action that creates yet another wonderful and enjoyable single player experience. It’s a quick experience as no mission drags on for too long, and the same goes to the overall game. It tells its story in about 5 hours and it feels just right.

I appreciate the storyline a great deal more than in previous titles. I wish some of the moments had a bit more emotion and time spent on them, especially when Hesh and Logan first become Ghosts as it felt more like an “ok, whatever” moment. I think taking a few extra seconds to make sure that the key story elements are told in the best way possible is the only thing missing from the game, but that’s probably just me being a tad bit too nit-picky. Still, as a whole, Call of Duty: Ghosts is top quality entertainment that is absolutely worth playing through.


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  1. *SPOILER* I have to fully agree with you. I just beat Ghost on PS4 and not only does it look great but it was a fun and thrilling single player campaign. I especially like the Planes on the boats falling and the train cart that’s in the air… Very beautiful scents and awesome to play.