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Interview: Nate Koach and Jason Reed from Sub Urban Riot

Interview: Nate Koach and Jason Reed from Sub Urban Riot


by Emma Loggins

Sub Urban Riot can’t be mistaken for an unruly band of ne’er-do-wells. They simply believe in supplying endless fun in an otherwise serious world. They fuse unlikely partners, enjoy planned chaos and they can be found breeding curiosity. A diverse, bizarre and delicious marriage of bold simplicity, grit and attitude.

In a world dominated by obnoxious in your face noise, their attitude is different. They turn that noise into something usable, which they see as turning the dull into something poignant. They’re part of an unusual band of rioters. This band of Rioters is on the rise; building “endless fun in an otherwise serious world”.

What’s the history behind Sub Urban Riot? How did the line get started?

We started just under two years ago. We wanted to build an open network of artists and designers who all appreciate and understand the bold but wry side of the fashion world.

What are the main inspirations that have affected the designs in the current collection?

Our inspiration right now is Endless Fun in an Otherwise Serious World.

What is the design process like for Sub Urban Riot designers? Do you start with sketches or fabrics that you like?

Carte blanche. Creative license. The only rule is not to take your work too seriously, and we encourage the fusing of unlikely partners.

What’s the most challenging part about creating a new line, is it the actual creation or the marketing that follows? Can you explain?

We always want to go way over the top. The challenge is creating pieces that are bold, but also make sense in your closet. We’re not in the business of wear once and toss.

Do you have a favorite piece personally in the collection?

Our sleeveless hoody dress. Sassy any way you shake it.

What is fashion to you?

Not letting others make decisions for you. Mindful irreverence. Endless _______ in an otherwise ________ world.

Do you personally have any fashion idols?

Jason and I love Mugatu from Zoolander, and the indelible maniac,
Karl Lagerfeld.

Sub Urban Riot has had a lot of exposure on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”. Can you talk a little bit about how a designer gets the attention of a television series?

They’re good friends of ours here in Venice. They’re show is completely outrageous, and their fans get it. They also get what we’re doing, and we get them. Mutual awesomeness.

Do you notice that the pieces that have appeared on television seem to be more popular?

Any piece that gets TV/Movie/Music exposure usually equals more interest. We just found out that one of our tees was on the Fox show “House” after the Superbowl. Our web hits tripled the next day. Also, “Tucson” has been seen on a bunch of shows that we didn’t even know about, and it’s one of our most popular guys shirts. The most common quote is “I saw that tee on that one show…what was that show…”

What can we look forward to seeing next with the next Sub Urban Riot Collection?

Women: Jumpers, More hoody dress/layering pieces, super long sleeved thermal, stripes, big bold prints. Organic.

Men: Button up long sleeved shirt, long sleeved pullover, and lots of snaps. Organic.

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