New Web Series ‘Exposed’ Premieres on

‘Exposed’ is one of the newest web series on It comes from the McG, the mastermind behind ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Chuck’. McG teamed up with the producers of another popular web series ‘Pink’ on this thriller about a college student (Henry Dye) who is haunted by a secret past. Henry is trying to remain undercover but it becomes difficult when some former associates hunt him down and threaten to expose the truth about who he really is.

After watching the first episode, you’ll notice that it almost feels to detailed to be a web series. There’s obviously going to be a lot to cover in these short episodes. Henry Dye shares some style and mannerisms with that of Supernatural’s Dean and Sam – which is much appreciated in these long summer months without my favorite series. As far as web series go, it’s definitely got potential, and I’m interested to see where it goes. My normal bone-to-pick with series made solely for the web is that they’re too rushed. We hardly have time to bond with the characters before we’ve viewed the beginning, middle, and end of the plot.

‘Exposed’ has me intrigued though, and I’ll definitely give it a shot. There are 8 episodes of the series up now that you can check out at TheWB.Com, and episodes 9 – 16 will be up on Tuesday, June 22nd!

Article By: Emma Loggins

Disclaimer: I have been hired by Warner Bros WB Word division to raise awareness for Exposed on


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  1. Sounds interesting, but what are the point of webisodes if you’re going to release 8 at the same time?