Bristol Palin Talks: Dancing, Dating, & Levi

Dancing With the Stars finalist Bristol Palin opened up in a recent interview about a couple questions fans have all had in mind lately: the supposed pro-Bristol block of political voters, her chances on taking home the mirror-ball trophy, rumors about her love life, post-DWTS plans and what sparked a battle between her and reality-show star [and mother], Sarah Palin.

“I can’t believe it’s been three months already. I’m pretty confident now,” said Bristol about her role on the hit reality show Dancing With The Stars.

“I’m not a sexy girl…I work my butt off,” she said, and along with it dismissed any speculation that it’s a Tea Party conspiracy [keeping her in the game]. “Think about all the people who hate my mom!”

Bristol goes on to add [to many fans’ discouragement], that nothing is going on romantically between Mark Ballas and herself. “Nothing with Mark,” she said of the rumors of their coupling off the dance floor. “He’s like a friend.” And as far as any romantic relationship, Bristol adds that she has “no time” for that in her life at the moment.

So how does she feel about ex Levi Johnson? Any plans for a reunion? “No! We broke up after Tripp was born. I’m over it,” she said. “I’m a single mom… I’ve moved on, I have a wonderful life.”

“I think he is misguided,” she went on to say about Levi’s publicity-grabbing bid to run for mayor of Wasilla. “But at least he’s going to finish his education.”

To sum is up, Bristol is more interested in reaching her goals on the dance floor than cuddling up to a man at current moment. Though, the rising star does add that in ten years she sees herself “married with kids”.

We’re rooting for ya, Bristol!


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