ALMA Awards Canceled

After signs of being shelf-bound months ago, confirmation has arrived that the annual American Latino Media Arts Awards has been canceled.

The awards, which generally honor Latinos in entertainment, never even released the nominees [which usually go out in August] for the 2010 version of the show. That, along with a recent statement that the show has been picked up from another network, is being deemed the reasons for the show’s cancellation for this year.

“Unfortunately, we’re not doing the [ALMAs] this year,” Delia de la Vara, one of the show’s producers, said recently. “We heard there was interest from other broadcasters to carry the ALMA Awards and we started to pursue that.”

This is bad news for the show host, Eva Longoria, who spends each fall hosting the annual ALMA Awards. But wait fans, there’s always next year, in which plans are already in the works for a return on a different network [hopefully with the same gorgeous hostess].

The organization is already promising next year’s awards to be “better than ever”. “We’re working toward a 2011 fall broadcast of the show during Hispanic Heritage Month,” de la Vara said.

“Eva’s been part of our core team on the production for the ALMAs, so she will be a part of the awards as she has been for the past four years.”

The date of the awards, as well as the channel set to air them, is expected to be announced early next year.


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