FanBolt’s 2012 Holiday Recommendations for TV and Movie Fans

From awesome movies to celebrity loved products, we’ve got everyone on your Holiday list covered with FanBolt’s 2012 Holiday Recommendations! Check them out below!

For The Teen Girl

Britney Spears™ Fantasy Twist – With Britney Spears’ latest fragrance release, you get two scents packaged together – making it a pretty great deal for fans!

“With BRITNEY SPEARS™ fantasy twist, I wanted to combine two of my favorite fragrances into a sophisticated bottle, giving my fans the power to choose the scent they desire at any given moment,” said Britney.

Fantasy is a bit more flirty and fierce scent in our opinion, whereas Midnight Fantasy is a bit more subtle and romantic (definitely our favorite one). With just the twist of the bottle, you can choose the scent that best matches your mood – making it a fun gift to give the special Britney fan in your life – or just someone who likes perfumes in general as these are both intoxicating, fruity scents that you can’t help but love!

For The Boyfriend

Ted – This is one of those movies that pleasantly surprises you. Written and directed by Family Guy‘s Seth MacFarlane, you might assume that this is a film that your boyfriend will love – and you will hate, but there is something here for everyone (even though there is a considerable amount of crude humor on the unrated version).

The premise is simple – John Bennett didn’t have a lot of friends growing up, so he made a wish that his teddy bear, Ted, would come to life and they’d be best friends. Well much to the world’s surprise, it happened, and best friends, John (Mark Wahlberg) and Ted remained. However, the unlikely friendship was a bit of a hurdle in John’s relationship with his girlfriend of four years, Lori (Mila Kunis).

The live-action/CG animated comedy has a lot of heart, and hearing Patrick Stewart narrate – well that should sell you on it if our recommendation doesn’t already.

For The Zombie Fan

Atlanta Movie Tours – Carrie Sagel Burns and Patti Davis, both fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead, started Atlanta Movie Tours earlier this year. Their “Big Zombie Tour” features a number of rotating guides, including one of our favorite Walking Dead extras (and one of our favorite people in general) – Michael Jaegers.

The “Big Zombie Tour” provides fans with a 3 hour walking and driving tour of all of Atlanta’s local zombie hangouts. While the locations may vary from tour to tour, fans can count on seeing locations that they recognize from season one and two of The Walking Dead.

If you’re a zombie fan and you haven’t been on this tour – you’re missing out! Atlanta is zombie-central, and this tour is pure heaven for any fan! Grab tickets today!

For The Expecting Parents

The Bro Code For Parents – This may be my favorite TV tie-in book of all time. If your friends are expecting a new bundle of joy and love How I Met Your Mother and Barney Stinson – then this is the clear present for them.

Barney lays it all out in this book and teaches prospective parents everything they need to know to have a legen . . . wait for it . . . dary kid. From choosing a baby name that won’t get your kid beat up to how to interview smoking hot nannies this comical book has everything – even suggestions on how turn your stroller into a broller.

The book was actually featured on How I Met Your Mother this season, and will put a smile on any fan’s face. We don’t even know anyone that’s actually expecting – and we love it!

For The Joss Whedon/Firefly Fan

Firefly: A Celebration – We all have friends that still take it personally that Firefly was cancelled…. we may even be among that crowd ourselves… It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the series first aired, but what better way to commemorate Firefly than with an awesome collector’s book. And this one is awesome! At 544 pages of full color, this is simply one of the most lavish books ever produced for a TV show. It even comes in a foil-stamped leather-effect binding.

The book actually combines Titan’s three Firefly companions including all episode scripts, in-depth interviews, rare photos, and even new fiction from the writers of the show…. And there’s even more – There are also nine frameable portrait photos of the cast (including rare and unpublished images) and our personal favorite – a facsimile of one of the bank notes used in Firefly.

The limited print run of Firefly: A Celebration is a must-have for fans!

For Kids

Finding Nemo – Whether it’s kids you need you to pick up a present for, or you have a holiday party to attend and want to take a present that everyone in the household will love – Finding Nemo is a great choice. For the first time ever in high-definition Blu-ray, Finding Nemo is back in digital 3-D, so if you have the fancy TV’s – you can’t go wrong. We don’t, but this is still one of our all-time-favorite Pixar movies!

The film is set in the Great Barrier Reed, where we meet Marlin (an overly protective clownfish). Marlin sets out on an incredibly daring rescue mission to find his son, Nemo, who was scooped up by a diver. The best part of this movie? Marlin’s friend Dory (voiced by Ellen DeGeneres). Dory stays by Marlin’s side throughout the whole journey as they encounter a slew of comical characters as well as some pretty close calls.

In 2003, Finding Nemo won the Academy Award for “Best Animated Feature”, so when we say it’s impossible to go wrong with this one – we have some good documentation!

For Your Sister And Mother

BraveBrave is the latest masterpiece from Pixar. At the film’s core, it’s a story about a rift between a mother and daughter. Those challenging teenage years where no daughter agrees with their mother – and no mother understands their teenage daughter. Perhaps this is why the film doesn’t appeal to everyone. Mother’s will obviously relate, young girls will all want perms and a kit of red hair dye, and teenage girls might have a moment of perspective that they won’t have again until their twenties.

Brave not only tells a beautiful and poignant story, but it is also visually superior to any animated movie we’ve ever seen. The voice acting was wonderful, the story was moving and the music was perfect. So whether it’s for your little sister or your mother, it’s a movie that will, without question, touch their hearts and put a smile on their faces.

For Your Friend Who Loves Titanic And Downton Abbey

Titanic: Blood And SteelTitanic fans will love Titanic: Blood & Steel, a mini-series which tells the untold story of the building of “unsinkable ship”. The series originally aired on Encore earlier this year, and it provides a somewhat historical, though embellished for good drama, narrative about the lives affected during the three year construction of the Titanic.

The series not only examines the time, but also the issues during the era. While hardcore fans of Titanic history may be a bit annoyed that it’s not completely about the ship – others will find it intriguing as it touches on women’s right issues, politics pre-WWI, Home Rule in Ireland, immigration, and so much more.

If you have someone in your life that enjoyed the original film or even the TV series Downton Abbey – then this is definitely a title for them to check out.

For Comedy Fan

The Three Stooges – The comedy act known as The Three Stooges has had a large fan following since the mid 1930’s. So it was no surprise with Hollywood decided it was time to reinvent the classic comedy trio and bring them back to the big screen. They even filmed this reincarnation in the city where we’re based – Atlanta.

This tale of The Three Stooges has Moe, Larry, and Curly on a mission to save the Orphanage where they were abandoned as babies. And as you can expect, hilarious Mischief and Mayhem ensues.

The The Three Stooges reboot will definitely be something that fans of the classic TV series and films will want to see!

For The Action Movie Fan

SavagesSavages is without question a guy’s movie. Don’t get fooled by Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively appearing on the cover. That being said, Oliver Stone does a great job with this film which focuses on a pair of marijuana entrepreneurs (Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and their shared girlfriend O (Lively).

Everything is going dandy for this happy trio. Not even any jealously issues in the relationship department. But everything heads south when the boys get an invitation… or rather demand… to join a powerful Mexican drug cartel headed by the beautiful Elena (Salma Hayek). The boys say no to the offer, and O gets taken. From there, lots of violence ensues in this thriller, and once it gets going – you’ll be on the edge of your seat for the whole ride!

If you need a movie for a man’s man – Savages is a safe and enjoyable bet to make!

For The Supernatural Fan

Supernatural Season 7 Companion Guide – Season 7 was one hell of a thrill ride… pun intended. Nicholas Knight and Titan Books have done it again with yet another awesome companion guide for this series.

With exclusive interviews, photos, behind-the-scenes awesomeness, a complete episode guide, plus a snazzy portrait gallery of the series’ stars – this is a must for every Supernatural fan… who should already have 6 of these. If they don’t, then there are 6 more awesome gift ideas for you!

For Your Mom

Desperate Housewives: The Complete Series – We all have guilty pleasures, and one of the best ones wrapped up its final season earlier this year. The good news is that ABC has fans covered with a treasure trove of forbidden fruit with this ultimate series collectible.

This box set not only has all nine seasons of the sexy seducing show set on Wisteria Lane, but it’s also got a ton of exclusive bonus features that you’ll only get in this set. And if the 45 discs aren’t enough for you, then the packaging should seal the deal. This is an amazing collection that will provide old fans with all the memories of why the loved the series so, and new fans – well what’s better than watching a show you love at the pace you set? That’s right, nothing.

For Your Dad

Catch Me If You Can – This was one of our favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movies of all time, and with the new Blu-ray release just coming out on December 4th – it was so much fun to re-watch!

If you didn’t see the film when it came out in 2012, then you’re in for a treat. The film, directed by Steven Spielberg, tells the story of real-life con artist Frank Abagnale, Jr. In the late 1960’s into the early 1970’s, Abagnale wrote $2.5 million dollars in bad checks while fooling people into thinking he was a pilot, a lawyer, and even a doctor…. He was just 16 when he started, and by the age of 21, he had become one of the most notorious con men in American history.

You can realistically make anyone happy with a copy of this DVD, but our editor’s dad really, really loves it – so it seems like the perfect DVD to list in this category!

For The FanBolt Fan

FanBolt Fan Pack – Did you know that we have FanBolt t-shirts and bummer stickers… and even a few limited edition jackets that you can pick up? Well, we sure do!
If you’re interested in showing your love for FanBolt and our fan family, drop us an email with your size (S, M, L, XL, or XXL (Ladies Fit or Regular)) and your desired item – tee or hoodie. And we’ll send one out to you along with some bumper stickers and a mouse pad for only $25(tee) or $30(jacket)!

Shipping is included for US residents, and if you’re located elsewhere we can still ship it to you – we’ll just need to do a little math!

Want to lessen the load on the wallet? Enter to win some of our amazing holiday contests!

We hope these suggestions help you in your holiday shopping! And if you have any additional recommendations, please feel free to share them below! Have a wonderful holiday!


Disclaimer: FanBolt did receive copies of the above products to be able to put together this list. We’ve received no additional compensation for this list. This list is our honest holiday recommendations, and not all products we received were featured.


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  1. How did I not know about the Firefly: A Celebration book?? Sadly, it’s not available via amazon. A Fanbolt Christmas present to one lucky reader, perhaps? 😉

  2. TVSnoopy i was thinking the same thing, somehow i did not know about it either and im a huge fan of the show.. sadly its out of stock on amazon 🙁

  3. TVSnoopy & Vamplover – I would just go ahead and put your order in at Amazon. They will probably get some in, but they will go to those people first. So we may never see it back in stock on the site.

  4. My firefly book came today in the mail. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. If you are a firefly fan you MUST get this book it has everything you can imagine in it from interviews with cast to scripts from the show and behind the scenes photos. The book is huge!!

  5. yeah it totally should. i think i got it at a great price, cuz this book is seriously HUGE. im pretty sure its by far the nicest and coolest thing that i own.