New ‘Bachelor’ Parody Web Series Stars Kristen Bell, Ben Stiller and Ken Marino

Ken Marino, Kristen Bell, Ben Stiller, and more star in Yahoo’s new web series Burning Love which starts on June 4th! The new series, which pokes fun at the ABC dating reality show The Bachelor, has no shortable of comedic talent attached. Malin Akerman, Adam Scott, Christine Taylor, Michael Ian Black and former Bachelor contestant Jake Pavelka also star with Ben Stiller as the executive producer.

Burning Love will follow fictional fireman Mark Orlando (played by Marino) as he searches for true love. Check out the promo for the new series below!

Seeing Jake Pavelka brings back a few memories from when we interviewed him nearly two years ago. Remember when he told us that was super excited to be buying his lady some Jimmy Choos for their big day? Then 2 days later after our interview (literally!) he’s on the cover of People Magazine saying they’ve called it quits…. Yeah, we still remember it pretty clearly.

Rant over. We’ll definitely be watching next month! Will you guys?


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  1. I do not like the Bachelor, but would love to this parody. I love Kristen Bell and Ben Stiller. I think it will too funny.

  2. I’m not a fan of the Bachelor either – but I love Kristen Bell, Adam Scott, and Ken Marino. So I’ll definitely be watching! 🙂