‘Life Unexpected’ And ‘Parenthood’ Most Likely Canceled?

This Fall TV Season is proving to be a tough one; yet more news has arrived that two great [yet low in ratings] shows are likely to see their end sometime soon.

NBC will not be airing Parenthood in the month of December, and though not confirmed by the CW, sources are confirming that CW has decided not to pick up any more episodes of sophomore drama Life Unexpected.

While the official decision about a third season for Life Unexpected will be handed down until May, when the CW announces its new fall schedule, boss Liz Tigelaar took to her Facebook page with this message to fans about a back-nine order: “It’s real, it’s true, no back nine. But stranger things have happened when people are invested so keep watching. We have a GREAT season to show you and who knows!!!”

So just what show will fill it’s place? The CW’s new pilot Secret Circle, based on the book series authored by The Vampire Diaries scribe L.J. Smith, is expected to help do the job. Writers/producers Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain, who were behind both The Vampire Diaries and Angel, are helming the new series.

As for Parenthood, starting Dec. 7, NBC will push The Biggest Loser back an hour and air special holiday-themed episodes of Minute to Win It at 8:00. On on happier note, an NBC source tells us that Parenthood will be back midseason—exact airdate to be determined—and “not to worry.”

Life Unexpected and Parenthood fans – how do you feel about news? Do you think the series will be canceled?


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  1. Wait a minute! While both shows could be canceled neither are yet. NBC has a full season of Parenthood and is just taking December off. Some shows do that because of the Holidays.

    Things are really not looking good for Life Unexpected. No back 9 pretty much says its a goner.

  2. I really like both those shows, especially Life Unexpected. This is disappointing, but I’m not very surprised. Parenthood hasn’t been getting that many viewers, so I doubt it’ll get renewed for a new season. I read yesterday that Life Unexpected didn’t the back nine episodes. That’s definitely not a surprise. I agree with beachdreaming that it’s a goner. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy the next six episodes we have left! Life Unexpected is such a great show. I’ve hated the CW ever since they became the CW, causing Everwood to be cancelled. Yes, I still hold a grudge!

  3. Not officially. Hence the ‘most likely?’. 🙂 Though Emma Caulfield tweeted earlier saying “Yes kids, it’s true. Thank you for all your support. It meant a lot to the entire cast and crew.” Not sure what to make about that but it sounds like they’re just waiting for the official announcement to be made.

    Parenthood rumors keep circulating. I think they’ll probably finish out this season, but beyond that I don’t know … Oh and speaking of Everwood. I’m right there with you. One of the best dramas WB had.

  4. haha no it’s cool. I appreciate you pointing it out. 🙂 Good shows being on the bubble is enough to get any of us on edge! 🙂

  5. Pretty bummed about Life Unexpected but not really surprised. A family show just doesn’t fit with Dawn Ostroff’s ~vision~ of the CW. The WB it is not, unfortunately, or else Life Unexpected would have had a better chance, IMO.

  6. Yeah Life Unexpected would have been a good partner with Everwood. Which I’m still stuck on. 🙂 Because we needed 12 seasons of 7th Heaven which ended with like 1 of the original cast members. haha Yeah I’m a little bitter. 🙂

  7. haha I could totally see CW doing that Amanda. They won’t let the things die that should – and the other things that deserve long lives they axe. Hopefully not offending any fans of those series I’m referring to. And yes, Gilmore Girls is another one. Amy should have been involved in the finale season – I’m still super pissed that we didn’t get hear the last line of the last episode that Amy had planned out from before the show even aired.

  8. NBC Never planned airing Parenthood in December, It’s not showing several shows that month. I don’t see how you can link the 2, Parenthood has been doing better in the ratings than LUX, Parenthood has a 22 ep season order and it has the backing of the network. I like LUX and it will be sad to see it gone. Maybe it could get a summer slot next year?

  9. Several sites and journalists have linked the two as they weren’t sure Parenthood was going to be back even for a second season initially. But hopefully it will continue to improve. I think Life Unexpected would be a good summer series. But CW usually does crappy reality shows during that time period 🙂

  10. Well I don’t watch Parenthood but adore Life Unexpected, it’s such a refreshing change of pace, so if it does get cancelled, I know they were given a couple of extra episodes a few weeks ago so if it is the finale, hopefully it wont be like 10 Things I Hate About You and end on a massive cliffhanger and it gets closure.

    Still, wounder though

  11. Emma, I agree with The CW not letting things die that should. It’s so unfair to lose great shows because of wanting to keep shows that have already run their course. There’s only so much you can do with a show until it gets bland and unwatchable. Which is what I find with shows that last too long.

    I love Life Unexpected! It’s so old school WB style (with old school WB actors) and that’s what got me attached to it. Even the music brought me back to The WB days. I miss seeing shows like that. We need more shows like this. Has the cancellation been confirmed yet?

    I’m not caught up on Parenthood but what I did see of it I enjoyed. It’s a good show but I won’t be upset if it goes.

  12. One of the LE actors said on Twitter that “Yes it’s true” but there still hasn’t been an official announcement yet, so perhaps there’s still a chance got a little hope… not sure.

  13. Is this good for Parenthood?

    “Parenthood” is the #1 series in terms of percentage increase from L+SD to L+7 (+42% in adults 18-49, to a 2.97 rating from a 2.09).

  14. It’s the increase with Dvr numbers for 7 Days. I was wondering if it helps the show or not? No one really talks about Dvr numbers. I was curious what you thought.

  15. DVR numbers I don’t think really help – it is more viewers – but 90% of people (yes that’s the actual stat) skip the advertisements with DVR and TiVo so that’s not something I think the advertisers would be interested in supporting.