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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Is Sexy… And A Little Scary Too

‘The Vampire Diaries’ Is Sexy… And A Little Scary Too


There’s more to The Vampire Diaries than hot guys, romance, and the supernatural. There’s also a handful of scary moments.

In promotion for the Season 1 DVD release of The Vampire Diaries on August 31st, I wanted to poll you all on your favorite scary scene from Season 1. I think the scariest moments(in my opinion) happened in the beginning of the season. Such as the opening scene from the pilot with the couple camping the woods- and what we can assume was Damon killing them in as much of a blood bath as CW would allow.

Overall, I wouldn’t say The Vampire Diaries is that scary. I often refer to it as the middle ground between Twilight and True Blood. It’s sexier than Twilight, but with much less blood and nudity than True Blood. After all, there’s only so much you can get away with on CW, and The Vampire Diaries definitely pushes those limits.

Catch a brief look at Season One below!

The Season 1 DVD is loaded with special features that will be heaven for any Vampire Diaries fan. Lots of featurettes on casting the series, bringing the story to the screen from the book series, and on the popularity of vampires. There is also a gag reel, a downloadable audio book, commentary, webisodes, and un-aired scenes.

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