What Was The Best ‘Smallville’ Romance?

On Smallville, Clark Kent has had a number of romantic interests, his most notable being with Lois Lane, Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan. We all know that the romantic interest that ends up sticking is Lois Lane, but that doesn’t necessary mean that’s the fan favorite. Call us old school, but our favorite was Lana Lang. We’re a sap for first loves!

One of the most important and dramatic relationships of the series, Lana is a superheroine who fights to preserve life. Lana is Lex Luthor’s ex-wife and Clark Kent’s first love. She grew up a mile away from Clark, who admired her from afar for years. Clark finally asks her out in highschool and she becomes an important part in his life.

One of the most iconic episodes for Clark’s relationship with Lana was the first episode of Season 3. Lana Lang tries to bring Clark back to Smallville after he heads to Metropolis (leaving his friends and Lana – the girl he claimed to love – behind) under the influence of the red kryptonite ring. We all remember that ring – Clark wasn’t exactly himself when he put it on. *Coughs* Bank Robbery *Coughs* But Lana and Chloe didn’t give up on him. They tried their best to talk some sense to Clark and bring him back to Smallville. True love and true friendship.

What was your favorite Smallville romance? Were you always rooting for Chloe? Did you want Clark to end up with his first love Lana? Or were you wanting the show to go get on with it so we go to meet Lois? Sound off below in our comment section!

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  1. No matter how much the idea of Clark Kent ending with lois lane now even with a wedding for the season finale everyone knows deep in the heart that a certain doe eyed beauty who clark wished for ever since he was five can never be erased from the viewers mind…what they had was beautiful no matter how much the writers tried to mess it up.

  2. I agree! My favorite has always been Lana. I don’t care what others say that she is not important because Clark ends up with Lois. I like Lana better. I loved Clark and Lana’s relationship…that was true love right there.

  3. Omg, my heart swelled at seeing this article,,, I like all of you, just love LANA better, and yes I wanted and will always be looking forward when CLANA’s love find the light at the end of the very long, stale, and boring tunnel that confines the liberity of this myths! Lana only proved that there is so much more that we dont know about superman and the true story behind him, she breathed life in him and brought him closer to us, making him experinece the flames of unattainable love, to do everything to protect that one person you love most,,, I want him to end with Lana, after all the sacrifices they did, only good could come out of it, and EARN their happy ending! CLANA forever AND EVER!

    if anything LANA and CLANA is the new school, the breeze of change that this myths and show needs!

  4. Wouldn’t that be great. Screw the myth. haha 🙂 Lets rewrite some history here! Man… that would piss off the old school fans though 🙂

  5. Couldn’t agree more! Clark and Lana had a beautiful relationship. Lana Rocks!! She proved to Clark again and again that she is his true love.

  6. Clark’s relationship with Lois grew over the year. Clark falls for Lois not because of her physical and it takes time for them to get to where they are now. It seems so easy for them, even when they took sometime to get over the insecurities of actually make their relationship.

    I liked Lana in the first few seasons, but I always find Clark’s infatuation towards Lana kind of like an obsession which I can’t see as something healthy. Lana didn’t know how to handle herself around him and tried to be someone she’s not. In the end, she becomes like him which didn’t do her any good. Clark was also different when he’s around Lana. The happiness stuck around for a very short time. They just don’t work.

    So yeah, I like Clark with Lois better.

  7. Lois and Clark = end game

    Lana and Clark = warm up

    Lois and Clark = true love

    Lana and Clark = horrible drama, redundant issues, bang your head against the wall make ups and break ups…

    nuff said.

  8. true love, first love. Bah, that’s
    pure lie, clana was pure drama, never me
    like, this if it is true love, the great love
    Clark and Lois = clois forever
    your great love is with whom these

  9. @KiKi,,,, so you think that Lana changed herself and couldnt handle herself around CLark,,, what about lois, who went from the **, who couldnt stand him, who thought he was nothing beyond a farmer, into a “lanafied” version in the show? who is the ACTUAL Lois lane, the CHLOE- copycat or the LANA-copycat?
    lois lane has retreated into the housewife that many haters claimed that Lana is going to become, her character hasnt developed, as much as it “lightswitched” in season 8 and yet, her worse character couldnt not shine through…. we all know who the “real” lois lane,,, but the show had to “lanafy” her in order to make her appealing to CLark!

  10. I’m glad your favorite couple on SV is Clana. Clana was not merely “first love”. They are the symbol of what people call “True Love”. Their sacrifice in Requiem said it all. What is a higher love than an act of sacrificing the love itself for the safety of the one we love & greater good? Clana’s love had been tested through time and trials…not to mention all of them caused major pains, heartaches, angsts…They had been through hell and back again. They’re willing to die just to make the other be safe & stay alive. Yet they could always find their way back together & their love shone through it all & conquered everything standing in their way. At the end their love may not be reunited but their love WON…They were NOT out of love when parted. I disagree with some people who said Lana was Clark’s obsession. If Lana had been his obsession, he wouldn’t have pushed her so many times just to protect or see her happy. What Clark had for Lana is nothing but PURE & unconditional Love. Lex’ love for Lana is an obsession. He couldn’t have Lana & made sure no one would including our superhero. Lana had been the only one who knew who Clark Kent was, accepted who he was with all his hang ups & flaws and so did Clark to Lana. Even before they hooked up for the very first time, they had built the bond as true friends. Thanks again for posting this article. You just made my day! 🙂

    1. You are right! It pissed me off till this day that they call Lana his “first love only” or his higshchool crush only or worse just and infatuation or obsession! I do believe clark was always the one pining for Lana despite Lana moving on, but they were just meant to be together based on Smallville standards.

  11. To me Lana was just a steping stone for Clark to know what love is. I was glad Clark and Lois didn’t get along at first, that made it funny to watch and gave them time to get to know each other and become friends and eventualy they fell in love. I’ve been waiting for Clark and Lois to tie the knot.

  12. I found Clark and Lana’s love story compelling, moving and beautiful. SV failed to show why Clark should be with Lois. Lois may have the old, stale Superman mythos to herself, but Smallville belongs to Lana Lang.

  13. Doing something just because ‘everyone else’ has done it is never a compelling reason. That is as true with storytelling as with anything else.

    In Smallville, Lana was Clark’s true love, not Lois. Even Lois knew it, walking away from Clark during Chloe’s wedding the moment Lana walked in.

    Lois was never more than second best.

    1. The writers screwed us all forcing the canon. Even now in 2022- it was the ending of lana and clark that is still decisive as hell

  14. Clark & Lana were THE romance of Smallville. No matter what else happened, they always found their way back to each other. If it weren’t impossible for them to be near each other, they would still be together. the depth of the love shown in Requiem can never be superceded. Clark, at best, settles for Lois because he cannot have his true love. But in his heart, Lana is always number one.

    1. Not only it was epic it was all so true. Clark turning back time, Lana protecting him, they were so in love and their love was so true regardless of the hate of anti lana. Clana overshadowed the canon and mythos.

  15. Actually. I disagree with parts of this article: with all the data given in the entire series, Clark did NOT have several romantic interests, he really only had one: Lana. There is absolutely no comparison. Every other “romantic interest” was a plot convention or completely contrived (Lois). Clark’s character only had one TRUE romantic interest in the true definition: Lana.

  16. As Steven DeKnight said, “Clark and Lana are the touchstone” of the Series. This was the ONLY TRUE romance of Smallville. You could believe that the two of them would always find a way back to each other, Clark and Lana’s love was that strong. There was a connection from the moment you witnessed Clark and Lana onscreen together. Clark and Lois just seem awkward together.

  17. Lana was Clark’s FIRST and ONLY true love. Their lovestory was so incredibly beautiful, intense and romantic. You just wanted to route for them from day 1. Lana was ripped from him by circumstance, but I fully believe they will find their way back to each other. Forcing Clark with Lois just to fit the mythos was the worst thing Smallville ever did. I hope Clark and Lana will one day get their happy ending.

  18. Lana and Clark was the most intense and beautifull love story on the TV. Lana was Clark’s true love in smallville, no matter what the othres says.

  19. I am so glad you wrote this article! Lana and Clark were my favorite couple! The chemistry between was sizzling!I just don’t see the chemistry with anyone else with Clark. I loved them and miss them dearly. I never loved a couple on tv or in the movies more than Clark and Lana!

  20. Lana & Clark was anythking but true love, true disfunction, yeah. Lana emasculated Clark to the point of embarassment.

    Lois & Clark was the best ever on Smallville. Equal partners in work and in life. Clark isn’t mopey & whiny with Lois like he was with Lana.

  21. I personally think that I can’t pick a favourite. This issue has caused a great divide in the fandom, and even birthed to many haters.. Be it of characters, or the series plot points, and even the writing staff at times.

    I have a soft-spot for Clark and Lana. But I think each relationship had to happen to shape the person who Clark is now. Lana, Chloe, Lois, and just about every other character had ingrained their support and love to him. And that has been a beautiful fusion of supporting characters, and how their relationship with Clark overlapped each other, and each made distinct contributions that couldn’t work without the other, to the man he is today.

    So, I’m waving a peace flag, and calling everyone else of this fandom, who have been on this journey with Clark Kent, from the very start, ten years ago, to wave it with me.

    Smallville has been a source of light, and inspiration to so many out there, and more role models like Clark Kent, should be out there on TV. Holding the torch of good, pure moral conduct, and civility.

  22. Joe – that was incredibly well said and makes a very valid point. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  23. When it comes to this iteration of the Superman story, I am definitely all about Clark and Lana. I normally don’t like a lot of romantic subplots in shows like this, but Clana was always one of the few TV couples that I actually enjoyed. You looked at them, and they just looked right together; they just fit.
    For me, the show ended after season 8, because that’s when they were really starting to force the Clark/Lois thing and I totally lost interest in the show after that. I didn’t see a single episode of seasons 9 or 10. For me, Smallville will always be about Clana and I really wish they could have been convinced to overlook canon on this one occasion.
    When they were’t mired by outside forces the Clana relationship was truly beautiful and really made you feel that maybe there are some first loves that can last forever.
    To hell with fitting in line with the comics, bring back Smallville’s real supercouple!

    1. Absolutely! To hell with canon. I actually thought Lana was Lois at first haha then when itw asn’t im like what on earth are they doing? two people super attractive and so in love with oozing chemistry and with epic love story and numerous proof of their eternal love, how can they just end or ripped it off for the canon? 2022, i am still pissed off!

  24. What Clark and Lana had was beautiful. The sacrifices they made for their love and the greater good is just too heartbreaking. I haven’t seen any other onscreen chemistry like Tom & Kristin’s. They played their characters so well it got me hooked on this series. Like many others, I also felt the series ended at season 8. Smallville is supposed to be before Lois. So I just really can’t stand how they try to shove this awkward pair down our throats for the last 2 season. The fact that they acted like Lana never existed and made Lois take most of the credit for making Clark become Superman…As a Clana fan, It just hurts.

    1. They had to do it, force it because KK and TOm, Clana overshadowed everything and simply blaming the fandom! lol there wouldn’t be a fandom if they didn’t had that kind of story. Everybody just went along but they should have been the end game!

  25. Hi emma! we actually have the same name!
    I like your article and until now, its 2022, I still believe Lana was and is the best love of Clark. In smallville, they should have been the end game, I don’t care what others say. In movies, canon, etc, it can be somebody else or lois, but in SV, it should be Clana. For people to say Lana was just annoying, selfish etc, esp when they hate her for delaying the clois ship, the story tells otherwise. Clark wouldn’t and can’t let her go, ever. Lana actually moved on, but Clark never stopped loving and pining for her, Lana was the same but she tried to separate herself with Clark, at least for the mean time. But, in the end, nobody should question their love because they were the one true love, star crossed and real. If they wanted to put clois they should have done it early on but even with that, it was overshadowed by Clana who became so big in the 1st 7 seasons. I love them and i am so happy majority of the comments here agree with you and me!