Desperate Housewives: The Musicial?

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES creator MARC CHERRY is keen to make a Broadway spin off of the hit series – according to actor KYLE McLACHLAN.

The star, who plays Bree (Marcia Cross)’s boyfriend Orson Hodges in the hit U.S. TV show, insists Cherry has been dropping hints about a possible musical adaptation.

He tells British radio station Heart, “I think it is a great idea. It makes sense. Mark has said that when he finishes his seven years at ABC he plans to go to Broadway and move into the musical world so maybe he does have some designs in that way. That’s all he’s said so far.”

And McLachan won’t rule out an appearance in a possible musical version of the show.

He adds, “You never know. It could happen. Never say never, right? There is more chance of that than seeing me in a Twin Peaks musical.”