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Eric Dill Chats About His New Career As A Solo Artist

Eric Dill Chats About His New Career As A Solo Artist


Eric Dill established his name in music as the lead singer of The Click Five. Now, a half-dozen years after his departure from the group, he’s ready to break out as a solo artist. He released his EP Wherever You Are in January and is preparing a full-length album, Forever Is Not Enough, scheduled to arrive this summer.

I recently caught up with Eric to ask him about the challenges of establishing a solo identity and his plans for the second phase of his career.

“We pretty much were going in different directions,” he said of his decision to leave The Click Five in 2006. “Anything further we’d done really wouldn’t have been as cohesive as the first go-around. I’ve kind of always marched to my own beat and it felt like the right time to continue that kind of thing, because there were ideas that I had to do that I couldn’t do in the confines of the group.”

Those ideas are in full swing now with the release of Wherever You Are and the progress toward Forever Is Not Enough.

“Right now I’m actually writing music again,” he explained. “I kind of go on and off as I’m inspired. My process has gotten more involved than it ever has [before]. I’m kind of looking at the big picture. [My] interest can be sparked by a lot of different things, whether it’s a phrase, whether it’s a melody, that can happen. Once that starts to take form I’ll start playing around. Once something kind of keeps going, I embellish on it a little more, and that’s a really nice way to [create music].”

What can we expect from his solo effort? “There are a lot of different vibes on the record. There are a lot of influences that I have, that are going to reach a lot of people,” he said, pointing out upcoming next single “War With The Wolves” as one to look out for. “That song would be a great song for people to hear. “Wherever You Are” is a relatively easy to digest pop song [and] “Mercy At Midnight” is up-tempo rock.”

As with every musical artist, Dill has a short list of people he’d love to collaborate with in the future. “I would like to work with Trent Reznor, I’d like to work with Darren Hayes of Savage Garden. Maynard James Keenan from Tool and Perfect Circle. There are a lot of really interesting people to work with,” he explained.

But for now, he says, “I’m working to create more content for the internet. People can get access to things so fast, and I wanted to populate that. I’ve got plans to do a lot more music videos. That’s important to me.”

He’s also getting involved with social media. “This thing is like changing the world,” he said with a laugh. “I’m just seeing it, I’m observing and I’m contributing and it’s pretty fascinating, actually. It’s kind of like the Wild West. Everybody can share everything. You can find videos of stuff that would never be put out on any kind of a music channel because it’s too obscure.”

Yet now, thanks to advances in technology, Dill and other artists like him can reach their audiences more directly than ever before – and he is primed to do just that.

But it’s not all about the music for him; it’s also about conveying a message and a spirit. “Time passes,” he said, “Just be there for your life.”

Eric Dill’s EP following him on Twitter.

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