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Concert Review & Photography: The Summer Set, Hey Monday, Yellow Card, and All Time Low

Concert Review & Photography: The Summer Set, Hey Monday, Yellow Card, and All Time Low


Hello again music fanatics! I’m baackkkkk and ready to share another great show with you. Last week I was able to attend the Dirty Work Tour in Atlanta with The Summer Set, Hey Monday, Yellow Card, and All Time Low.

The opener was The Summer Set absolutely MURDERING their set. Not only where they all a pleasure to take care of, but definitely grabbed my attention and had me bounce-snapping almost the entire set. Since I’ve seen them before, it made it easy to get caught up in the moment and let my “trigger finger” keep firing. Next was Hey Monday. Never seen this band and I was so impressed. I’ve heard great things about the powerhouse singer, but it was a whole other experience seeing them live. This band has so much energy they wore ME out! But it’s okay. I can’t wait to see them again to rock my world and leaave me in awe again. Oh, Yellow Card…How long have you had my devotion? FOREVER! So it was so great to see them up close at the ripe age of 21 vs 13. Still, they perform how they sound. Aggressive, high energy, massive amounts of passion. These guys are so amazing to watch! I definitely encourage you to go pick up their CD and blast it all summer long.

Ahhhhh yeahh, it’s headliner time. The guys of All Time Low have always eluded my city, but this time, I caught them. After countless years of blarring their albums at work, my car, apartment, and bars I FINALLY got the chance to let them show what kinda “Sick Little Games” they’ve had hidden up their sleeve all this time. Conclusion? KILLED IT! They’re absolutely one of my favorite performers now. All of the guys were super interactive with the crowd and you can see they love what they do. I don’t even have to ask. I think they definitely blew the songs…and bras…and shirts off the girls there….and some! I’m surprised the roof didn’t explode and the floor didn’t cave in.

I really cannot stress enough for anyone who is a fan of these crazy guys to please treat yourself and let your ears and heart orgasm. Overall, this was not only an amazing lineup, but such a great show. In fact, it was so good that I considered just going to the show in St. Louis that following Monday. Pumping energy into your veins like it was a transfusion, GO GRAB A TICKET AND GET READY for the phenominal tour that is Dirty Work to it’s core. Til next time, keep thumping the music and bodies dancing.

Review/Photos By: Vanessa Miranda

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