‘The Lying Game’ Review: Not Guilty As Charged

What an episode of The Lying Game that was! Nonstop drama, what with Ethan (Blair Redford) on trial, and the inevitable scheming of Sutton (Alexandra Chando). Not to mention the creepy notes. This episode definitely had sort of a Pretty Little Liars feel, but that’s not exactly a bad thing! I have to admit, I missed the first ten minutes, but what I did see? Amazing.

1. Sutton:

“Ethan and I slept together. I know, ouch right? I was just really hoping that we can get past this. I mean, after all . . . We’re sisters.” -Sutton

Sutton is, to quote Mean Girls, a life ruiner. She ruins people’s lives. She is back for not even three days before she completely destroys Ethan and Emma’s relationship! I have no clue how they’re going to bounce back after this. The best hope is for them to talk it out. I’m almost positive that most Lying Game fans are angry. Is there a couple on this show whose relationship isn’t messed up? The strange thing is, no matter what Sutton does, I can’t completely hate her. The character is scheming, and she definitely brings an exciting twist to things. One thing is for sure, she does not have anyone’s best interest at heart.

2. Ted and Kristin:

“You’re second guessing me left and right. I mean, sometimes it feels like I’m the one on trial!” -Ted (Andy Buckley)

As if their relationship couldn’t be more estranged. I feel bad for Kristin (Helen Slater), but she has to get a backbone! I understand that she is fighting more for the truth, but she still seems a bit weak. In the future, I’m hoping for her character to become more persistent with finding the truth. It always feels as though she settles, to prevent an argument from erupting. It’s obvious that Ted is hiding something big from her. My guess, an affair he had with Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter). I honestly believe that Ted and Rebecca are Emma and Sutton’s real birth parents.

3. Laurel and Baz:

“You can relax, I have no intention of taking advantage of your newly broken up status.” -Baz (Adam Brooks)

I must say, I miss Justin’s (Randy Wayne) gorgeous blue eyes on my screen, but Laurel and Baz? Super cute together. This wins my favorite scene award. Why? Because Laurel (Allie Gonino) smiled. A real, genuine smile. It was a sweet scene, simple, and it slowed down all the nonstop drama and angst in the show. I found the dialogue simply adorable, I just loved everything about this scene. I miss Justin, but this was too much cuteness to handle. Sadly, when it comes to men in Laurel’s life, they’re usually hiding something. It can’t stay this perfect forever.

4. Alec’s Story:

“Well, clearly someone is playing me!” -Alec (Adrian Pasdar)

As if the whole Derek murder situation couldn’t get anymore complicated! Add in The Lying Game‘s version of “A”; blackmail, pictures, notes and all. Alec’s story goes like this. He tells Rebecca that Derek (Ben Elliot) had left him five messages asking him to meet him. When Alec arrived (after Ethan), Derek denied sending him any texts, but he was frightened. Oh, and you cannot forget the part where he supposedly grabbed the tire arm out of Derek’s hand. So many flaws in his story. For one, he seems so calm about the situation. Secondly, he said that Ethan had arrived in the afternoon? No. Ethan left right after Alec arrived, seeing as he’s working the case, he should know the specific time. In all honesty, I don’t believe Alec did this crime, but it sure looks like it. Plus, his story isn’t that comforting either.

5. Rebecca:

“I’m going to help you, Sutton. Alec, leave him to me. I promise it’ll work out.” -Rebecca

Can Charisma Carpenter get any more perfect? Rebecca managed to outsmart Alec, free Ethan, and look fabulous whilst doing it. The audience was led to believe that Alec ran everything in the show . . . Not the case. It’s Rebecca. I don’t know how, but I’m almost positive that she planted all of those things. I bet she even took the picture. Between her telling Emma that everything will work out, and her conveniently receiving the note and picture . . . It just doesn’t add up. Rebecca has to be behind everything. One thing is for sure, you do not want to have her as an enemy!

Besides the fact of missing the first ten minutes of the episode, it was perfect. It raised the stakes to another level, not only in regards to Sutton/Emma/Ethan’s relationship, but also in regards to Alec and Rebecca’s situation. I kind of wish the Ethan-jail-sentence storyline had run a bit longer, they kind of put it to rest too easily. But regardless, I liked how they ended it. The writer’s did it in a way where one storyline closed, and another twice as big opened up. Definitely looking forward to not only Alec’s future on the show, but also Rebecca’s. She has easily become my favorite on the show.



  • Thoughts on Sutton’s actions during this episode?
  • Is there hope for Emma and Ethan to rekindle their relationship?
  • Do you think Alec is telling the truth? And what about Rebecca?!


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  1. “Thoughts on Sutton’s actions during this episode”? – ANSWER – All told, how could the viewer expect anything less. And did Sutton ever deliver. That jail scene was the best since the first season of 24. And then they go and top it off with the final scene between Sutton and Emma. WOW!
    “Is there hope for Emma and Ethan to rekindle their relationship”? – ANSWER – YES. That’s an easy one. The question is, how long will it take? We know from the previews that one of the twins is undressing Ethan, so it cannot be for too long.
    “Do you think Alec is telling the truth”? – ANSWER – Enough of the truth to believe that Derek was alive when Alec left. So whoever took the photo of Alec and Derek is the murderer. And my money is on Thayer. Remember when he and Sutton were pulled over to the side of the road, and he asked Sutton to hand him the lug wrench, well, Thayer certainly knows what it is.
    “And what about Rebecca”?! – ANSWER – Rebecca is going to ask Alec to marry her, because she already has the ring picked out. And now she has more on Alec, and the only way to keep her from going public is for Alec and Rebecca to tie the knot, and fast. Did you notice in the scene when Ethan was told in court that he was free, Rebecca said to Emma-being=Sutton, “Sometimes, an older person knows best.” But Rebecca paused just after the word sometimes, and her mouth made the shape as though she was going to say a word that starts with the letter M. Could she have almost said the word MOTHER?
    One more comment. This is about Kristen. Your comment about Kristen, “she still seems a bit weak,” I think has been misleading us all season long. Remember when Sutton and Thayer talked to Emma’s under-the-table adoption father Mr. Webster, and he said that the Mercer’s had to know the details of the adoption, I mean KIDNAPPING? Well, if Kristen does know, and let’s face it, shouldn’t a mother know her child, then Kristen might be behind a whole lot of the stor