Kate Gosselin And Sarah Palin Go Camping Together

Kate Gosselin is going camping with Sarah Palin? You may be asking ‘What the..?’ But no, you heard it right. The pair are going camping together in Alaska, and of course hilarity ensues.

USMagazine.com has secured the exclusive first peek at the trip with a clip posted yesterday on their website. “I have never camped for real,” Gosselin admits in the clip, which shows the reality mom hiking through the woods with her kids, being overly dramatic about food and temperatures, grimacing as she watches Palin shoot a rifle.

What was Plain’s response to her complaining? “Come on. It wasn’t that bad,” says a smiling Pain.

As soon as Gosselin learns there may be bears lurking nearby, the outdoors becomes too much for the mother of eight. Palin commented on the situation saying, “She’s going to be relying on me to protect her.”

While I’m not a fan of Gosselin, I think this episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska might just be worth checking out. It airs this Sunday night (December 5th) on TLC. Will you be watching?

Check out the full clip here: Kate Gosselin And Sarah Palin Go Camping Together


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