West Slams Festival Booers And Brands Organizers ‘Idiots”

KANYE WEST has launched a bitter attack on organisers and revellers at the recent Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival after he was booed for turning up on stage nearly two hours late.

The rapper switched his 8.15pm start time on Saturday (14Jun08) to 2.45am on Sunday, becoming the first major act to start a mainstream festival show so late.

And fans grew so unruly as they waited until 4.30am local time in a torrential downpour in Tennessee – they began booing and throwing missiles at the stage.

Now, the Gold Digger hitmaker has lashed out at the disgruntled revelers – insisting he is offended by their behavior and the online criticism he received following his performance.

He writes on his blog, “I am sick of negative people who just sit around trying 2 plot my downfall Why? I understand if people don’t like me because I like me or if people think tight clothes look gay or people say I run my mouth too much. But this Bonnaroo thing is the worst insult I’ve ever had in my life.”

And the hip hop heavyweight goes on to rant about the capabilities of the festival’s organizers, branding them “f**cking idiots” – as well as blaming his late appearance on fellow headliners Pearl Jam, insisting the rockers’
overrunning schedule added to his own tardiness.

He adds, ” We were obviously dealing with f**king idiots who didn’t really have the capacity to really put on this show properly. They tried 2 give me a time slot where it was still light outside I have a f**king light show dumb ass, it’s not called glow in the dark for no reason squid brains!

“The festival wouldn’t allow us to do anything until Pearl Jam left the stage. Pearl Jam ended one hour late!”



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