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Chase Coy – A Star In The Making

Chase Coy – A Star In The Making


I found Chase Coy’s Myspace page while I was in search of some new music one day. When I started the music player, I was overwhelmed with heartwarming lyrics on top of the smooth sounds of an acoustic guitar. As I listened to his soothing voice, I read his biography saying that he is a senior in high school and records everything in his basement. I thought to myself, “so he claims that he’s ‘just a kid from the Midwest who makes music’ but he has over 10 million plays on his page.” Quite impressive for “just a kid.”

“Basically, two years ago, my best friend [Jeanette] helped me start a Myspace and ran it for the longest time,” Coy said. “She sent out friend requests and messages and just put in a massive amount of time and effort into promoting, and around the time my second CD was finished, it really started to take off beyond what we had ever hoped for.”

Coy currently has three albums and one single. He must never sleep because he just finished a new CD that he plans to release in two months.

When it comes to his music, Coy has it all under control. Not only does he write his own lyrics and music, he produces it all in his basement.

“It’s a really rewarding [process] and it can also be a very frustrating one,” Coy said.

Despite the frustrations that may arise, Coy’s determination has helped him come up with a solution.

“It gets tough working on every aspect of a song because at a certain point when you’ve heard it a thousand times and all you want to do is just finish it already,” Coy said.

“But what you really need to do is take a break and come back to it later. When it comes together and you have the final product, it is very satisfying.”

All the instruments heard on his tracks are all played solely by Coy. He records the instruments individually and blends them together to complete a song.

“I play every single instrument you hear on any song,” Coy said. “I play guitar, bass, piano, banjo, a little bit of drums, a bunch of percussion instruments, and harmonica.”

Coy has performed about six times at coffee shops and loves performing before a crowd.

“It’s cool having a bunch of people all packed in and singing along,” Coy said. “It’s just a really intimate setting and it’s cool to be able to interact with the fans in a very personal way.”

When Coy’s fans hear his music, aspires to help get them through tough times and wants them to hear the “hope” in it and to be optimistic about the future.

Coy’s support group is composed of his parents, sister and his friend Jeanette, and of course, his fans. He continually receives positive feedback from fans on his Myspace page. He looks forward to getting those responses because it encourages him to keep going with his music.

“I regret that I can’t reply to everyone’s comments anymore,” Coy said. “But I can still read them and appreciate every single one!”

Next year, Coy plans on attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and will study Audio Engineering Technology. There’s no need for his fans to worry because he will still work on his music and hope to form a full band.

“I would really love to try full band kind of like William Fitzsimmons did on his CD,” Coy said. “He didn’t change what he was doing to fit the band; he used the band to accentuate his acoustic.”

Coy said that a few record companies have contacted him, but would not comment any further. Whichever label he decides to sign with, I’m sure that this modest kid from the Midwest will do very well in furthering his musical career.

Article by: Kim Gallagher


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