NBC Gives ‘Chuck’ Fans Coal For Christmas

Just 7 days ago I reported about the nice gift NBC was giving Chuck fans, well forget about it. NBC has now pulled the season 2 Christmas episode on Dec 20th and replaced it with 30 more minutes of The Sing-Off and a sneak peak of the new sitcom Perfect Couples. The 3 hour marathon on December 27th was replaced with a rerun of the made-for-tv movie A Walk in Her Shoes.

While I understand pulling the Dec. 20th episode in favor of showing 30 more minutes of the high rated show The Sing-Off and then launching a new show in front of more eyeballs. I do not understand pulling the marathon of 3 important Chuck episodes from this season for a tv movie rerun. So the network is missing a opportunity to catch people up on Chuck or to gain possible new viewers. But that’s just my opinion.

So thanks NBC for giving me something so awesome for Christmas and then taking it back a week later. Scrooge!

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