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Home Music Rapper Lil Wayne Moves To Solitary Confinement
Rapper Lil Wayne Moves To Solitary Confinement

Rapper Lil Wayne Moves To Solitary Confinement


Rapper Lil Wayne, who is currently behind bars, will spend the rest of his time in solitary confinement due to his need for music.

The rapper, who was locked up March 8 after pleading guilty to felony attempted weapons possession for having a loaded semiautomatic firearm on his tour bus in 2007, will spend the remainder of his prison sentence in “solitary” as punishment for sneaking headphones and a charger for an MP3 player into his cell earlier this year.

He was moved Monday to Rikers Island, where he will spend 23 hours a day in his cell until his release, which is supposed to happen sometime next month.

During his one hour a day of recreation, Lil Wayne can no longer socialize with other inmates, watch TV or chat on the phone. Phone time has been limited to one call a week, [minus his lawyer], and meals will be consumed in his cell.

At least some celebrities are getting the ‘un-royal’ fair treatment. Now only if judges would get the idea that this is the way to go about it with Lindsay Lohan!

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