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Jay-Z Mistakenly Used In Anti-Gang Ad

Jay-Z Mistakenly Used In Anti-Gang Ad


Rapper Jay-Z’s fave was recently plastered all over a popular website – the Miami Police Department’s.

Visitors of the site yesterday were able to view Jay’s face on a PSA banner, with two sketches of him appearing next to a headline reading, “Report Gang Activity.” But wait, hasn’t Jay-Z made it clear time and time again that he “does not support gang activity”?

Well apparently [and thankfully], The Miami New Times identified the pics shortly after as publicity shots of the rapper from back in the day [before the suits], and confirmed that they had no connection at all with gang activity.

The department has since removed the ads, stating it was “inadvertently done” and calling it a “mistake.”

Whew! For a second there we thought you went over to the dark side on us Jay, but we all know Beyonce wouldn’t allow that!

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