Original ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ to Get Theatrical Re-release

A restored, 40th anniversary version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be getting a theatrical release in theaters later this summer. The restored version of the film will feature a new 4K transfer, which is four times the size the more commonly used 2K resolution today.

According to the official press release, this is the only transfer of the film that was made using the original 16mm A/B rolls from the film. The restoration process took five months of 40-hour work weeks to complete the color grading and restoration.

The film’s director, Tobe Hooper, was also involved with the audio restoration process. He stated, “I haven’t seen The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on the big screen for many, many years. This 40th anniversary restoration is absolutely the best the film has ever looked.”

Details on the wide summer release will be announced later.



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