Survivor’s Russell Hantz: I Should Sue Every Single One Of Them

Survivor‘s Russell Hantz says he should sue his fellow survivors.

In a recent interview, Hantz accuses fellow cast-mates of committing actionable offenses, saying: “I would have never thrown a challenge. Never. I should sue every single one of them because in the contract it says you can’t throw challenges!”

Funny he should say that, considering whomever the leak of the show turns out to be [if they’re ever discovered], and it turns out to be him, he’d be the one sued. Hantz denies that the leak is him however, saying that he “respects the show way too much. I respect the group of people out there too much…. Me actually giving a list of people that goes home? That’s insane if you know who I really am.”

Hantz also added that this is his first and last time on the show, and he has no interest in ever re-appearing. “I don’t want to be considered a Survivor whore like Rob [Mariano],” he said. “I’m surprised he ain’t been on Big Brother yet. Those three: Survivor, Amazing Race, Big Brother. That’s a Survivor whore.”

Harsh. Wonder what Rob will have to say when he hears this?

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