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The Vampire Diaries: Should Damon and Elena Be Together Already?

The Vampire Diaries: Should Damon and Elena Be Together Already?


It’s been a long road for Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries, and an equally long road for Delena fans. This week continues that journey with the first encounter between Damon and Elena since admitting (for the 100th time) that they’re bad for each other. They’re right for each other… just not right now. It’s enough to drive us fans mad!

Tonight’s episode is also sparking some debates between Stefan and Elena (Stelena) fans and Stefan and Caroline (Steroline) fans. Paul Wesley (Stefan) recently gave an interview about his directorial debut (tonight’s episode) in which he commented about fans rooting for him and Caroline instead of him and Elena. While both Wesley and and Candice Accola (Caroline) have had conflicting views on the possibility of this relationship before, it seems that Wesley is still intrigued by the idea.  

“They keep hinting at this thing between Caroline and Stefan, yet they don’t quite do anything about it; it’s funny,” Wesley recently told TV Guide. “I don’t know what to make of it … I don’t know how to take it from best friends to romance, but it’ll be interesting if and when they do it. I like when girls lighten [Stefan] up a bit.”

Maybe if this shift happened there would be more hope for Damon and Elena? Let’s take a look at tonight’s episode with Damon and Elena’s first encounter since that whole “we’re bad for each other conversation.”

Should Damon and Elena Be Together Already?

Awkward. But we’ll hang in there, because one day – probably in the series finale – Damon and Elena will give into each other for good, and it will totally be worth it. There’s no chemistry quite like their’s, and that’s why we continue to ship them.

Do you ship Delena? Stelena? Sound off in our comment section below and let us know your favorite couple on The Vampire Diaries!

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  1. Totally ship Delena! Getting more then a little sick and tired of the triangle from hell. Put Stefan with Caroline. It’s a good fit for both of them. She lightens him up. Makes him FUN! He grounds her. Calms down her CRAZY. Love them together. Wish the writers would STOP the madness! UGH!!!!


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