Hugh Grant Could Have Replaced Charlie Sheen On ‘Two And Half Men’?

Turns out Two And Half Men could have returned with a charming British bloke in the lead! That’s right, Hugh Grant was apparently in talks to replace Charlie Sheen on the hit CBS show when negotiations ultimately stalled.

Rumors that Grant was offered 1 million per episode to join the series is also incorrect according to a source close to the series. The source added that no one they were thinking of hiring will be paid that much.

No comment has been released by Grant’s reps, but Grant’s name is just one of many that we heard (at least were at some point) in the running to replace Sheen. Rob Lowe and John Stamos were also considered at one point.

Who do you think the best replace for Charlie Sheen would be on Two And Half Men?

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  1. Well I’m personally glad Rob Lowe didn’t get it. He needs to stay put on Parks And Recreation. 🙂

  2. WHAT?! haha You need to check it out. Start with Season 2 and thank me later! 🙂 Rob comes in the end of Season 2 I think it was…

  3. That good huh? Yeah looks like right now is Season 3 and I know Rob was on part of last. Gah I don’t really need another show to watch… Damn you! LOL

  4. Park and Rec is on season 3 already! Damn! lol. That went fast. I havent checked it out either Mel, don’t feel bad 😉