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Supernatural: Haunted Road Trips Of Epic Proportions

Supernatural: Haunted Road Trips Of Epic Proportions


Fueled by the need to explain the death of their mother and to protect other families from similar losses, the Winchester brothers set out on an epic road trip in Supernatural. Investigating paranormal activity and fighting the supernatural elements that got in there way, the brothers made their way back and forth across the country.

In support of the release of Supernatural: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray, we’re asking fans what your favorite road trips have been? Have you stopped off to see an notorious supernatural locations? Stayed in haunted bed and breakfasts that could use the aid of the Winchester brothers? Sound off in our comment section below and let us know the most see haunted locations you’ve visited!

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  1. I worked in a mall that had activity all the time in certain stores. Several employees from different stores would report sensing something strange, or seeing things move on their own. I had first hand experiences in my own workplace. In the back room I once smelled rose perfume when no one was using any. It was only in one spot, and after a minute it had disappeared completely. The person I was speaking to at the time didn’t smell anything strange when I asked her, and she was using a completely different scent.

    On the walls during closing when no one was in the store but staff, clothing hanging high on the wall would suddenly, gently sway on their own. No one was near them, and no draft was strong enough to move the displays. Keys would jingle in the backroom when no one else was there, and I would always catch a shadow moving in the corner of my eye down the aisle in the back.

    The one experience that really convinced me that something was there was when volume of my radio suddenly cut out. I was listening to music while working on a shipment, and when Lady Gaga came on, the sound immediately died. I thought the battery had run out, but it was fine. When I checked the rado, the volume had been PHYSICALLY turned down to nothing. It was so inhumanly fast there’s no way it could have been done by anyone, and I had been alone in the room with the radio behind me. I promised the spirit no more pop music, put on some Zepplin (which I love), and that was the last problem with the radio.

    Because I knew this spirit was only pulling pranks and didn’t want to hurt me, I was fine and let it do it’s thing. When it would start acting up I would ask it politely and firmly to hold off so I could work, and the presence would leave. I was the only one who felt okay back there; everyone else was somewhat nervous being alone in the backroom, but I was comfortable. Being the stockperson and working 9 hours a day in that room, I kind of had to be.

  2. What a great story! Sounds like it didn’t like Lady GaGa, but had the musical tastes of our boys! 🙂 Overall, a friendly spirit it seems – but I could understand how that might still freak some people out into not wanting to be back there. Thanks for sharing Jill! 🙂


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