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One Direction Stars Zayne And Louis Smoke Joint In Video

One Direction Stars Zayne And Louis Smoke Joint In Video


The boys in One Direction continue to shed their “squeaky-clean” image with a new video leaked online in which Zayne Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoke a joint and engage in drug-related banter (including a racial slur by the latter singer).

The clip shows the two stars in a car on their way out of Peru, passing around a rolled cigarette as they giddily joke about smoking prior to stadium shows and the like. “Joint lit. Happy days,” says Tomlinson as he films his bandmate puffing and laughing.

While the legal ramifications of the video are likely non-existent (Peru does not punish marijuana possession under 8 grams), a large chunk of One Direction’s young and impressionable fan base is up in arms about the scandal. Much of Twitter has erupted with reports of “heart-brokenness” and “betrayal” over the boys’ recklessness, with videos surfacing of fans burning their concert tickets and expressions of “disappointment” from parents and kids alike.

A spokesman for the band has since stated, “The matter is now in the hands of our lawyers.” The five-minute long video was obtained and leaked by The Daily Mail and now continues to stream on their site.

What are your thoughts, fans of the band? Are you disappointed? Don’t care?

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