Stephen Fry To Sit Down With Al Pacino After ‘Salomé’ Movie Screenings

On September 21st, British national treasure Stephen Fry will interview acting legend Al Pacino at a British Film Institute event in London. The latter star, famed for his mobster roles, will be the evening’s guest of honor.

The event will focus on a double screening of Pacino’s 2011 documentary Wilde Salomé and his upcoming 2014 drama Salomé. Both productions explore Oscar Wilde’s 1891 tragic play in documentary and drama formats, with Pacino writing, directing, and starring as King Herod.

Zero Dark Thirty star Jessica Chastain portrays the femme fatale from which the controversial play draws its name – the seductive Salomé herself.

Following the screening, Fry will moderate a Q&A session with Pacino in which they’ll discuss the films and Wilde himself. The interview will be broadcast live via satellite into cinemas across the U.K and Ireland so that thousands may partake in the unique event.

Wilde Salomé first premiered at the 68th Venice International Film Festival and garnered multiple honors, including the Queer Lion award and the Glory to the Filmmaker! Award to Pacino himself.

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