Tyler, The Creator Considering a Career Change

Tyler Okonma – better known as the controversial leader and co-founder of rap group Odd Future, has announced his disdain for the hip hop game and discussed other areas within the entertainment  on Larry King’s online interview show Larry King Now.

The unlikely pair’s discussion ran from Tyler’s influences to Jennifer Lawrence – and at one point, the “Yonkers” rapper admitted the following about his genre:

“It puts you in this box. Like I was scared for this interview, because me being a rapper, I was scared of the questions you would probably ask me, not even on purpose but because I’m a rapper. Then people look at you different like, ‘oh he’s a rap artist’.”

Tyler already has his toes in arenas apart from rap – he helps lead Odd Future’s clothing company, Golf Wang, and he’s directed several music videos – but he’s hungry for more:

I’m talented enough to do other things. I don’t know, I’m pretty bored with it. It’s not interesting. In the future, I want to do films. I want people to mention my name next to Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino. I don’t want my name to be mentioned next to other rappers at all.”

Although relatively new to the commercial rap scene, Tyler has seen the likes of various prestigious awards, including an MTV Video Music Awards win for Best New Artist and a nomination for Video of the Year for “Yonkers.”

Photo Credit: Tyler The Creator/Instagram


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