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Who Does Blair Belong With On ‘Gossip Girl’?

Who Does Blair Belong With On ‘Gossip Girl’?

Gossip Girl returns with a brand new season on September 26, and the big question we all want answered is what’s going to happen with Blair’s love life! Is she going to be married to Prince Louis when the series returns? Is she going to realize that her heart really belongs with Chuck… or even Dan? With Season 5 returning, the last thing on our mind is Serena!

The last few times I’ve posted about Gossip Girl, I’ve posted about how Blair belongs with Chuck, and while I’ve received some debate worthy comments from Team Dair (Hate to say it guys, but if Dair was going to happen – she’d seem a bit more into him), I still feel strongly that Blair’s Gossip Girl ending will be with Chuck. Granted that will be 10 seasons from now hopefully, but none-the-less that’s obviously where her heart lies. I think the whole Prince fad will blow over early on in the season – if it hasn’t already when we return to the world of the Upper East Side.

Do you want to see Blair with Chuck or Dan, or are you rooting for her fairytale romance with Prince Louis? Let us know how you want Season 5 to start and let’s get the discussion started about our favorite Manhattan brunette!

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  1. Definitely Dan.
    I think if she starts again with Chuck it will be laughable and indicative of bad writing. They’ve had plenty of chances and he has hurt her so many times that every time she goes back to him she looks like an idiot.
    I’m really amazed some fans think she belongs with such a nasty character.
    Chuck is best when he’s on his own, being selfish, narcissistic and manipulative. Blair has shown to be better than that.
    If you honestly like her character you wouldn’t want her to be forever undermined by Chuck.

  2. `Cam` I`m sorry but I have to say you are wrong my friend. Yes Chuck has hurt Blair but when they were in a relationship in season 3 they lasted 17 episodes? And in episode 17 Jack was there and he caused chaos. Chuck was trying to give up the empire to save Blair. But it didn`t work out. Blair is a strong woman on her own, not when Dan`s around. We love Chuck and Blair because they have amazing chemistry and they were destined to be together. Us chair fans can`t believe that you like Blair with a lonely boy with no sense of humor and him and Blair have no chemistry whatsoever. Blair only loves Chuck and the Prince will go eventually. Chuck isn`t Chuck without Blair. Sometimes giving lots of chances is good because it eventually makes you realise what mistakes you`re making.

  3. I hope they start rebuilding Chuck and Blair even if slowly! I agree that it’s where her heart lies and I want to see Chuck grow to become a man worthy of her love.

  4. Obviously Dan I am sick of chuck and Blair they are becoming a perfect example of an abusive relationship, on the other hand Dan and Blair are more healthy, intelligent and cute. 😀

  5. Chuck is Blair’s soulmate and no one will ever be as wonderful as this couple is on tv. I can’t wait to see them get back together.

  6. I think Blair definitely belongs with Chuck. They know each other inside and out, and they love each other despite everything that’s gone down. Of course, Chuck has not done right by Blair in the past, but he’s growing and changing, and it’s so obvious how much he loves her. Could you imagine Chuck finally getting it right and starting a family, and it NOT being with Blair? After all of the pain and beauty of their relationship, some other girl gets to reap the benefits of Blair’s hard work? No, thank you. 😛

  7. Dan is so lame no way does Blair deserve that dufus. It’s clear that Chuck and Blair are the best thing about this show.

  8. Chuck and Blair forever, last season was their lower point, but there’s nowhere else to go but up. I believe Chuck will finally become a man someone could love, that Blair can let herself love him again. He’ll make her happy like he did from 3.01 to 3.16.

    See? Didn’t have to bring up Dan to talk about how awesome my ship is. 😉

  9. Definitely Chuck. They deserve it after all they’ve been through. So much pain and heartache has to be worth it!! They have to be together, they love each other so much they deserve it!! Most beautifully written couple on this show!!! Tragic and flawed but a true love that can conquer all!! Go Chuck and Blair!!

  10. How is that even a question when Blair specifically told Chuck that she would always love him and vice versa? They know each other, the good and the bad, and it never stopped them from loving each other despite and because of those traits. They may need some time apart to work on their issues (especially Chuck) but those two are inevitable, meant to be together, always parts of each other, the love of their lives etc. Not my words mind you. 😛

  11. Chuck definitely. Blair deserves to be with the man she loves most, and that’s not Louis. And it’s sure as hell not Dan. I’d never want her to settle like that.

  12. Chuck and Blair should be together for sure! They have amazing chemistry and are meant to be soulmates forever. Dan is just plain boring and wrong for Blair. The last half of Season 4 was plain horrible because of Dair….Chuck and Blair must reunite (and maybe have a baby, too)!

  13. She belongs with Chuck because:

    a) They’re so in love with each other that I doubt she would ever be capable of loving someone the same way, and it wouldn’t be fair to her partner to always come second in her heart. Blair said so herself, She’ll always love Chuck.

    b) Chuck’s the only one she can fully be herself around with. He knows her motives and understands her ambition better than anyone. He loves and accepts every facet of her personality, the full package. The loyal and loving daughter, friend and girlfriend and the **y, conniving and scheming Queen. There’s no way Dan or Louis will ever be completely Ok with that dark side of her that will always be there.

  14. Chuck without a doubt. He’s the man she loves. And if you doubt his love you should go back and watch early S3 or how he acts in the S4 finale. But he needs to be redeemed for all the hurtful things he’s done and mature and grow into becoming (in Blair’s words) a man in a way his father never was. That’s got to happen so Blair can get the happiness she deserves: By Chuck, the man she loves and has given so much to, growing to become the man she needs him to be.

    As for Dan: He’s been a good friend to Blair. I think the writers need to keep it that way. It would also be a good lesson for Dan to not mix love and friendship up the way he did with Vanessa. And it would be good for Blair to be Dan’s friend so she can be supportive when he and Serena get married one day. 😉

    Lastly, I’ll feel ripped off if Chuck and Blair don’t end up together. LOL. The writers have given CB a pretty rough journey. We deserve a good payoff for all the angst and emotion we’ve invested in their storyline. 😉 The ONLY truly satisfying ending to their journey for viewers who’ve stuck with the show from the beginning is a redeemed Chuck making the woman he loves and loves him, Blair, happy.

  15. Chuck belongs to Blair, Blair belongs to Chuck..end of discussion. After all those years we have been watching GG I don’t think this should be questioned. Otherwise why are we watching this show? Do GG think we are fools? Blair has never been kind of a girl who would end up with Humphrey type of random guy. She is Queen and Chuck is King. they belong together and they are soulmates.

  16. Chuck ofc. After all they been through Chuck&Blair deserve their happy ending. Chuck have to fix himself and grow first but I’m not worried, that will happen.

  17. Chuck Bass of course!!!

    Chuck has messed up in the past, but he’s the person that Blair loves the most, and I think she deserves to end up with her first choice. Because Blair also deserves to be happy, Chuck needs to grow into the man who she can trust to make her happy, and I think we’ll see that journey next season.


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