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There’s A New Boss On ‘Supernatural’

There’s A New Boss On ‘Supernatural’


Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins are back! Supernatural Season 7 premieres tonight on The CW! From the looks of it, a few MAJOR things have changed – Castiel has no more love for Sam, Dean, or Bobby…

We have a special sneak peek clip at tonight’s premiere episode! Check it out below!

I’m excited to see Castiel as God – though I kind of have to wonder where Cas can go from this? You can’t exactly become God and then go back to just being Castiel… or can you? What’s your theories on how the Supernatural writers will handle this shift? Sound off in our comment section below!

Catch the season premiere of Supernatural tonight on The CW!

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  1. My guess is, Castiel’s character is at his wits end. I have a feeling the writers will kill him off somehow or maybe even trap him in the cage with lucifer and michael…if the cage can contain him that is. Point being, my guess is as good as anyone’s. It’s a shame to see it end this way, especially when it has only just begun. The fact of the matter is though, Eric Kripke was reluctant to introduce angels in the first place to the series. That was never his intent. But it somehow happened…I’m not sure how exactly, I can’t remember. But it did. And now that Castiel is a part of the series it’s almost like he’s a part of the Winchester family. Penning him off the series would be…a really, really bad idea methinks. It would piss a lot of fans off, me included, and it would just plain suck without Cas. But, the writers will do as they see fit. It’s their show…and unfortunately, I the viewer have no say in what happens.

  2. Yeah I think fans love Misha as much as they love Jensen and Jared. I would hate to see him go. I was surprised with the turn of the series as well. I think that perhaps it was something that Kripke had in mind for the end of the series – only CW didn’t want to stop at 5 seasons and the fans didn’t want it to either. I honestly feared that they jumped the shark with the end of Season 5. Where do you go after the end of the world? That being said, I was impressed with the 6th Season. The writers always have me coming back for more… I’m interested to see what they do with Castiel as well – and I probably should just trust the writers – but it’s hard to when you can’t imagine a character coming back from this. You can’t go from being God back to Castiel… and you certainly can’t go anywhere else. I don’t know… your guess is as good as mine as well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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